Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ECCO Canada Opens their 29th Store

Grand Opening at ECCO Canada Rideau Center
It started with an email and it culminated in the most awesome shoes imaginable. I never thought when I opened up that email that a love affair would begin.  Tis true folks a simple invite to a Grand Opening and I was hooked. ECCO Canada just opened up their 29th Canadian store at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa and I was there.

Season of Change and a Shoe Adventure

J Crew Dress, a Ming Wang blazer and cshoe dazzle pumps for the perfect go to work look
 Tis a season of change,  Fall is in the air and it is time to embrace all that is.  For me that is a hair change and silly Linda took it upon herself to make that change, I never ever dye my own hair anymore, I have a great hairdresser that I love but Kim is sick and I am not sure when she will be back at work so I stopped and purchased some dye of my own.... bit of a mess up as I went way to orange for my liking so expect one Orange post and then hopefully I am able to fix this.

Bailey's Butter Cream and Rainbow Cupcakes

Baileys Buttercream frosting for a rock n roll party
For Kent's birthday I decided to go with Cupcakes instead of a cake, something that would be perfect for a serve yourself dessert buffet. (plus a chance to use my cup cake stand)
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