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Last night friends from out of town came to visit ( well not to visit us, sadly they were in town for a funeral of a person way to young to have passed) and then after we enjoyed an amazing supper, few visits to a new bar and a new pub,  went home and had another visit with a dear friend that we have not seen in awhile and it was only this morning that I realized I never once pulled out my phone for a picture, man oh man I do not remember the last time that occurred. No pics of the awesome Flat bread with roasted garlic and goat cheese, no photo reminder of the gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce, no pics of the awesome new bar and there high end bourbons lining the wall., no pics of friends enjoying the evening…  Holy frig, now I have to go back and do the night all over again so I can take some pictures to show you.  On a positive note, guess that means the company was just so awesome I forgot about the blog world and all things social media for a few hours.  
( Well I did check the phone once trying to find out about the horrendous situation in Moncton, I have a friend that lives in that suburb and family in the city so yea that had me checking once or twice and thankfully they finally caught the guy last night,  the city was on lockdown for 30 hours. Tthoughts and prayers to the families of the slain RCMP Officers, such a horrid, horrid event).
Yesterday felt like a wear bright and maybe the sun will come out and play kind of day so…. Thank you Banana Republic for always having clothes that make me feel great.
Last year I was purchasing this linen skirt and while at the cash I saw this blouse hanging up behind the cashier ( guess someone changed their mind) well it was fate, it was my size, on sale and matched perfectly, so a fav outfit was born. Calvin Klein Cardigan over top, my nude Shoe Dazzle Signature soles and Kate Spade Purse.  Necklace yet again one of the gazillion my mom gave me when I was in Saint John, so
 ” gifted” because I am not sure where it came from. ( Cannot link anything for you because it is all last years or older)

PS, the little Blue you see ( or what looks like a shadow on my leg,  not spanx, just some cycle shorts because true confession I never wear a skirt or dress without my cycle shorts underneath, it’s a sweaty leg icky feeling I do not like to experience, plus then you never worry about bending or wind or any other thing that may be to revealing,  no Britney moments for this gal.

Got a new darker lipstick that I was not sure about but it seems Ok here.
Heading into a three day weekend and stop the buses Mondays post is already to go… nothing yet planned for the weekend but at least Monday is ready.
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