10 things Not to Wear over 50

what not to wear after age 50

I have a true confession I am no longer a blogger over 40, say what…. tis true and I have been fibbing for a year. In January I turned 51, so officially I should have moved into the hashtag #fashionover50 14 months ago. What does being a blogger over 50 really mean, is it different than 40? Is it really any different then 20? 

OK not much different than 40 but a lot easier then 20 ( sounds strange but that is a post for another day I promise) for today it is all about 50. 
I googled the what not to wear over 50 and ignoring the satirical articles stating nothing is forbidden there are a few “serious” posts out there, truly there are people who really believe age is a number to restrict you, there are real rules of what you should or should not be doing.So I thought I would attempt to take the rules apart and examine if you those reading this blog really believe there should be a restriction,  Do I need to start dressing age appropriately.
The ten things we should stop wearing ( and the age we should stop will be included because apparently it is not just 50 that is at issue apparently any woman over 30 needs to smarten up:
1) Message T Shirts, apparently after age 30 we need to replace message tees wih classic plain colour T Shirts: ( oops that is me in a message t shirt)
Messgae tshirts
2) Pack away the trendy denim including skinnies, boyfriends and distressed Age 35 is the recommended moving to classic non trendy looks( well I think that is me in trendy distressed boyfriends and damn a message tshirt again)
trendy denim
3) Costume shoes ( which includes over the knee boots but apparently these are ok till your mid 40’s
( good lord I don’t listen to anything and I think that skirt is to short)
costume shoes
4) Micro Minis at age 40 should be packed away, OK seriously micro??? I think that is size appropriate not age appropriate but I came close to breaking this one many a time
mini skirts
5) Excessive cleavage is apparently Ok till 50 so I just missed this one ( and it is one I rarely do except under item 7.
6) Ribbed white tanks should not be purchased after 40, I really should have stayed in the 40’s blogger club.
white ribbed tanks
7) Hair Gadgets are a no no after 30, I can’t wear head bands but I am thinking my braids probably fall under this one ( and oops cleavage)
hair gadgets and cleavage
8) Large Hobo Bags – well again at 50 no longer appropriate so I guess i will be tossing all my bags ( no pics because I realized I do not often take bag pics, need to work on that oops maybe not till I get new classic age appropriate bags.
9)Cheap underwear is a no no after age 35, well sorry article I like the bras at Target ( again no picture just trust me ok)
and finally
10) say goodbye to loud accessories after age 35 ( and I think all my nail polishes, statement necklaces, hats etc all may fall into this area.) and hey does anyone think sequin pants may be under this category???
loud accessories
So I have failed at the following the rules, anyone else with me in thinking these rules need to go the same place, no white after labour day, and don’t mix patterns  went…. back in the history vault for things not to redo??
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  • I don't like these rules. I never have. I'm 41, and I definitely don't follow the rules. (hello, purple eyeshadow!) I'm all about comfort and confidence. If a woman is comfortable and self-confident in what she is wearing, then I say "go for it". (By the way, I covet those sequin pants!)

  • <—— And, yes, that picture is me with a "hair gadget" in my hair.

  • Ronald Gagnon

    I don't see why you "can't wear them over 50" they are fun and light you up…if you ARE 50, which I doubt

  • Mai Tran

    Only obey these rules if you're afraid of being judged by others.

  • Sydney Fashion Hunter

    I'm absolutely loving that you are breaking all the rules! You go girl! I'm hosting a link up this week so stop by of you get the chance 🙂


  • I'm all about breaking the fashion rules! I think if you feel comfortable, then you feel confident and you should wear it!

    Doused In Pink

  • Haha! Linda I loved this article. Gave me some "guidelines" to follow when I hit 50. Pfft…I say if you love it wear it. Whose to tell us what we can wear when? I'm a blogger over thirty by the way. Keep inspiring! Love your style 🙂

  • Hina momin

    your look great beautifull and lovely project

  • This is perfect. I love that no matter what THEY say you do what you want and look fabulous doing it. Keep it up!

  • ADA

    This post was so fun and funny and I love ALL the humor you wrote it with. Looks like you are breaking rules left and right lol. But I don't mind it because these are all stupid and silly and you look great in all the above outfits. Your style is sassy, bright, fun and lovely. It brings out your personality. I especially had to laugh about the statement jewelry/necklaces, hats and graphic t-shirts because I definitely think they can go all the way to 60 years of age, at least and hats forever. Actually old women a lot of them wear hats.

  • This was such a fun post! I think you're right, you should definitely wear what you want and wear what makes you happy! 🙂 As long as you are comfortable and happy, who cares what age you are! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  • Vesper Meikle

    apart from the mini I have never done or liked the rest anyway, but each to their own – what ever makes you comfortable

  • As always, you had me seriously cracking up, Linda! I am definitely a fan of wearing whatever I like and now that I am in my mid-forties do not feel I have to stop dressing stylishly because of someone else's outdated opinion! You look great!

  • Susan Jakovina-Liberatore

    I'm 44 and have officially broken EVERY SINGLE ONE of those and will continue to. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Best post of the week fo' sho'! Mwah.

  • Funny article. Thanks for sharing. I believe we should dress to our body type, not our age.

  • Happinessatmidlife

    What a fun post! And yes, I am pretty sure I've broken a few of these rules of what not to wear over 40 too.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    This made me laugh… I am 37 and I had a friend that put on her before 40 list to visit F21 one last time. I was like, what? I love Forever 21 and plan to shop there as long as they're around!! I think its better to dress in the latest trends then to wear outdated clothes that may date you even more! I would never guess you are 50 and I think you look great and stylish!!

  • hahha oh geez! I'm pretty sure I'm going to break the rules no matter what age I am. I say, if you like it, wear it! I just turned 30 last year, and I'm not getting rid of my tees with messages on them haha

  • OMG I love this post so much!!! You look fabulous and I completely believe that age is just a number. I am 46 and wear absolutely anything that makes me feel good!! I believe there are no rules if what you wear flatters your body (not your age.) If we start dressing old, we start acting old… Forever young XO

    #LINKUPWITHLISA @ http://www.beauty101bylisa.com/2015/03/linkupwithlisa-think-spring.html

  • Dawn Lucy

    These rules are so great … only because they're so funny! I can't think of one over 40 blogger who follows those rules … can you?! Definitely not me! Thanks for my laugh today! You gotta share this gem with my link up!


    Dawn Lucy


  • Meagan Rigney

    Gah, I HATE when people tell a certain age group what not to wear! I'm in my mid 30's, which isn't terribly old, but not terribly young ether. I dress in a way that makes ME happy, not for anyone else. I hope that doesn't change…and I hope you don't change either!

  • Barbara Adams

    You look great and happy, you do you and let the rest figure it out, geez

  • Glenda

    I agree, those rules are ridiculous. Be yourself and enjoy life!

  • RedTagChicLA

    Why not – screw those stupid rules and be comfortable in our own skin!!


  • I actually liked several of the outfits. Have fun, you only live once.

  • I thought I could agree with some of these, but I still like wring on t-shirts as long as it's worded well or funny.

  • Theresa

    Thanks for this Linda from another Canadian lady over 50! You do look great in everything though … but I know what you mean, it's time to go through the closet again ;). It's hard when I have girls 21, 16, and 12 – quite a lot of fashion levels & criticism in our house. It helps when the hubby calls you "fine wine" … Cheers!

  • Lisa A

    AH, that's the beauty of being over 40. As my grandmother used to say "I'm too old to care what other people think". If you don't know who you are and what you like by age 40 then by all means listen to others' opinions.

  • Who makes up these silly rules anyway haha! I'm turning 51 this April and I don't play by the rules either…so keep doing your thing Linda, you always look great!

  • Thanks, I think I 20 something or our gramma made them up

  • to true

  • My 23 year old loves to steal my clothes and we share. Listen to the hubs not the girls

  • some of the message tee shirts are just so fun

  • Thanks

  • exactly, but it is fun to dispel the "rules" and the myths

  • sadly we all probably thought the same thing a few decades ago

  • Always having fun

  • You must never change for you have such a fun and unique style. and I will try and remain true o me as well

  • I thought the same thing

  • and who wants to be that frumpy person right….

  • Never get rid of them Julie, never, stay young in your head and heart

  • funny story I did not visit forever 21 till I was 50 and now I love it

  • I think most of us over bloggers break these rules

  • I agree Amy, body type should dictate far more than age ( and I wish more people did follow that rule)

  • Thanks, I live to break the rules

  • You always look great as well. Thanks for this

  • I think that is what we always need to remember, wear what we like

  • To true, if we like it, we are happy, if we are happy we look our best right

  • I will probablky be really old and still doing what I want LOL

  • Thanks Anne, I sure hope I always have the confidence to do what I like and want ( pretty sure I will)

  • thanks

  • Thanks for joining and just imagine what the rules will be when you hit 50 LOL

  • truer words were never said, what we like is what suits us best

  • Thanks and I am visiting you. and I wish it was real not on the blog because I could use the beach

  • Bonus when you are older you worry far less

  • 51 but thank you kindly

  • how dare you LOL

  • Dbergant

    I really enjoyed this. I am over 60 and break ALL of the rules. Age is just a number, anyway.

  • It truly is just a number, and i am so happy I can accept that.

  • Pam@over50feeling40

    Style is all about what messages we want to send with our clothing and how we want to send it…we each have to decide how to do this in a way to create who we want to be. Confidence is attractive and we all get to confidence by different paths.

  • Well said Pam, well said. That is truly what it is all about

  • ADA

    Well, that's what I love about you. You keep being you and keep doing you Linda.

  • Sally

    I'm 58 and I wear message tee-shirts all the time. I have a "firefly" one today, and a couple of days ago it was a Ramses Rat one.