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Recreating the Apple Roses we Have All Seen on Facebook

How to create apple roses in many easy steps ( and one slightly complicated one)


Well who hasn’t seen the beautiful apple roses on their facebook feed? ┬áSeriously it seems every other person is liking it, sharing it or commenting on it, right? And, hello that video makes it seem so very, very easy, well I can honestly tell you this is a very doable project, very doable buttttttttt truly not as easy as it seems.
Linda being Linda had to try this and yes I picked Thanksgiving because that day is not stressful at all for getting the dinner ready, well then I re-thought it a little bit and figured totally great for thanksgiving but maybe we should make them on Saturday (totally brilliant idea on my part).
I gathered my supplies and made some modifications ( and forget I may want to sprinkle icing sugar on top so by the time I realized I needed icing sugar the stores were closed and i was out.. I am never ever out of icing sugar except for this weekend)
4 Apples
Ready made pastry
Apple Jalapeno Jelly ( or if you prefer Apricot like the video)
cinnamon and brown sugar.
That’s all you really need ( and a muffin tin)


prep time for apple roses
I used my corer ( is that really a word) to remove the cores from the apples ( or you can slice in half and remove the core.
coring the apples for the apple roses
Thinly slice the apples ( and I really mean thinly because if you don’t they will break), place all the slices in a bowl of water ( and lemon juice) and place in the microwave for three minutes ( I actually found this was not enough time so I went for an additional three minutes and then they were ready) The apples need to be very soft and bendable.
slicing apples for apple roses
While the apples are cooking, roll out your pastry and cut into six long strips
pastry for apple roses


stonewall kitchen jelly for my apple roses
Coat the pastry with your jelly it is the glue that holds the apples and pastry together
I added a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon and water to the pastry
( because that I need  some sweet)
add the apple slices in a slight overlapping pattern
adding apple slices and some jelly to the pastry for apple roses
Slowly roll the apples and pastry and place in a muffin tin ( I might recommend lining the tin just to make removing the roses slightly easier ) This step is the most difficult step and really requires care and patience but it is doable. I then brushed the sugar/cinnamon mix over top of the roses.
apple roses going into the oven


Place is 375 degrees for 35 minutes ( I covered with tinfoil), Then remove the tinfoil and bake an additional 10 minutes to brown your roses.
apple roses after baking


baked apple roses


Remove, let cool and serve ( with a scoop of ice cream or cool whip)
apple roses and red apples


apple rose on a red leaf plate
Happy eating so very delicious and a dessert that is so good for you. You know it is backed by science that Apples are very good for you.
apple rose on leaf plate


and Happy Turkey Day