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Blog life was interrupted with hockey Tickets to the Sens opening game against the Maple Leafs so I apologize in advance for the lack of a new outfit, but I do have an amazing co-host to introduce you to. For today I will throw back to this day in 2015 and catch you all up on the most amazing opening game ever later tomorrow when I catch my breat and hello my Sens won.

shein coat and old navy joggers with converse

shein coat and old navy joggers with converse

shein coat and old navy joggers with converse

Hey lets not forget its Thursday and that means….
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Meet Sheela star of Sheela Writes and she is my amazing co-host this week.
A bit from Sheelagh about Sheelagh

I started writing when I was 7. Writing and designing fashion. Somewhere along the way, I dropped the design bit and continued penning my thoughts. I thought I’d be the next Tolkien or Blyton or Christie, I truly did. But writing for others is very different from writing for oneself from the heart. It was stifling and frustrating, to say the least, but as a single mother, it was what fed us.The problem with being commissioned to develop pieces for other people, in their voices, for over 15 years, is that it led to my losing mine. I could no longer write. I simply could not hold onto a single genuine thought. Everything I produced was, well, fluffy. Not me, not my thoughts, not my voice. I abandoned all pretense in attempting to write and moved on. I was convinced it was simply not meant to be.
A little  while back few weeks ago (13th September 2014, to be precise), a startling realization came out of nowhere – I had to write again. I simply had to, in order to feel that I had (finally) accomplished something worthwhile. That I myself was worth something. I can’t explain it.

I started blogging again. I joined a community of like-minded journal-keepers and inserted myself into a roomful of writers. I made time for reading (hello there, old friends) and started playing catch-up with news-related websites.  I wrote.
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