Loving Life after 50

Motivation and Dreams

Today while reviewing facebook posts and some random tweets I started wondering about life’s dreams.  We all started with a dream, a hope, a wish for where we were heading and what life would be like.
I looked back at myself,  a doctor,  I was always going to be a doctor or a writer. Probably the furthest thing from where I am today but was that original dream really a dream or an expectation placed on myself due to society

Would I want to be a Dr today,  not a chance, and realistically speaking I am not sure that was ever more than a little girl believing that aspiring to be something big required going in to the medical profession. Let’s be perfectly honest when I was a girl success meant traditional men’s careers so the focus was Dr or Lawyer.
I grew up in the era where girls were encouraged to aspire to be more than whatever you believed you were limited to,  reach for the stars, dream big, but be realistic.

Would I want to be a writer, quite possibly but not in the way most would want, I never aspired to be a journalist and report news,  I never wanted to win a Pulitzer.  I love trash books and would love to let my imagination run free again and write a tale far from reality and a means to live in a different world for a little while.

The little girl grew up, picked a practical school and a practical program and then proceeded to veer off that track almost immediately.

Career, not the direction I ever expected but successful none the less.  I am respected in my field, I make very good money and I am very happy.  The three most important aspects of making dreams a reality at least in my mind.

Success can only be measured by how you actually feel about it,  never let others push you down because your dream is not their dream,  remain true to yourself always.