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The Hateful Letter

I am very suspicious about facebook posts so when I first saw the hateful letter from “one pissed off mother” I disregarded it entirely.  I figured there is no way a Canadian would put pen to paper ( or fingers to a keyboard) to write such utter filth.  I was actually feeling a little bad for all those who were ” falling for another facebook prank”.

Imagine my shock ( and dismay) when I heard it picked up on the radio and then I saw this news article:

It is true,  some person and I am hesitant to call them a person, actually took the time to type this filth. This letter full of hate and venom.

I feel sorry for your so called normal kids PO’ed mom,  what kind of example are you setting for them, how hard is their life going to be if they grow up with such intolerance.

How is it that as a society we have progressed so far yet so little at the same time.
Let’s examine a few little facts about the howling, although the adults involved are stating he does not howl,  let’s imagine that he does….

I live in Orleans,  every Sunday we have a howler in the back park,  it is a sound that carries but when I hear it I think not of “how is that child disturbing me” but I feel a little pain for the parents who are just trying to make a good life for their child.  Does the noise scare the neighbourhood,  is it offensive? Honestly it is not better or worse then the screams coming out of the children a few doors down on their trampoline.

I do not believe the children of PO’ed are scared,  I bet they may have had a few questions,  maybe wondered the why but scared….  only if Mom told them to be scared.  Our children are the most tolerant of our species, they only fear and hate when we tell them to fear and hate,  this is not an inherent trait it is a learned behaviour.  Develop some tolerance Ms PO’ed,  maybe enroll in a class to teach you about discrimination, or better yet maybe you should pack up and move,  go find somewhere as intolerant as yourself and have a nice life. ( Oh yea and say a prayer that nothing ever happens to you or your children that would cause you to “not be normal”.  )