Loving Life after 50

Social Medias impact on Society or Me

Today we discuss the impacts of Social Media and/or Blogging,  has it changed me?  I would not say it has changed who I am but it has changed how I am.

Breaking it down:
Social Media:  Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, four square you name it I have tried it. I am a bit of a social media addict. There I have said it, that is the first step to recovery isn’t it?? Actually I do not want to recover yet so let’s move on to how it has affected me.  The down side is I do spend a lot of hours each day on the various forums but on a very positive side it has allowed me to maintain contact with family, friends and even acquaintances.  I was the worlds worst letter writer, actually I was not bad at writing the letters but I was god awful at mailing them, now I just have to hit send…. yea
Facebook  is my game friend but I limit that now to Castleville and Bubble Safari, my life was becoming consumed with crops, cafes and puzzles…. and best of all it allows me to keep in touch with  everyone. I also find it a great way for my world to keep up with me,  all my fb friends will tell you I am genius at keeping my life out there.  I am not a creeper as I post more then I look most days.  Instagram was my fashion and shoe blog for the longest time until i realized not everyone wants to see what shoes I am wearing on a daily basis so now I have switched that aspect to my blog.  Twitter is how I maintain contact with my celebrity side and send random thoughts out to the world.
Pinterest  is a blast for me and again it reflects all of who I am and who I want to be, it is as eclectic as I am

As for blogging, originally I started a blog as a way to keep me honest on my diet,  well that lasted like a week.  Fast forward another year and I tried again, diet monitoring is not a good reason to blog at least not for me. The I tried using it to vent at people, those I did not really want to yell at in person due to the more acquaintance type of relationship we shared.  That worked very well, venting over the blogsphere allowed me to release some frustrations although most of those posts have been deleted in case they stumble upon my musings now. I moved past the rants and decided that I would make a concentrated effort to maintain a blog, Most people will tell advise you to pick your issue/topic and stick to it, more of a specialized style well not me,  I want a blog that represents all of me.  Take a meander through my pages, union rants, social rants, fashion, shoes music and just random thoughts that pop into my head.  My blog is my diary, but one that I am willing to share.  There is no lock on this diary of mine.

So has all of this changed me, only in such a way that I take a whole lot of selfies.