Loving Life after 50

Songs that define me

Interesting topic, songs that define me a  simple yet complex topic.  There are so many obvious songs of my generation and then the not so obvious.  For me I do not know how I could blog about this topic without including RM & The Honest Heart Collective.  Having these boys and their music in my life completely defines me.

I have to start with an original from Ryan,  ” A Little Time” a song about his life over the past year of living with us,  this song defines me for this year.A little time

and one more because all the songs on the EP are so much a part of defining who we have all become after this past year.

Tom Morello, how could I ever write about songs defining me and not include Tom.  I am including a video from the Ottawa Folk Fest as this was the first time I saw him live.  What an awesome and amazing person.
I was the only person in the pit for this entire show,  he is unbelievably talented and his commitment to causes is inspiring.

Toms songs define what each and every activists feels,  I wish I had an ounce of the talent that he has to allow me to express my frustrations so well.

Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon Tour, helped me define another part of who I was and what I wanted from life,  sometimes I wonder is it the song that defines you or the moment that you hear the song that defines the song for you,  bit like the chicken and the egg scenario, regardless

I am going to end on a FUN note,  this is the song that defines my youth and as a result I am totally hooked on this group,  a clip from the Ottawa Bluesfest this time, another festival I volunteer at.  I was able to watch this entire concert from the pit and was awestruck but the humility expressed by the band..