Loving Life after 50

5 little Grins

Wow,  not sure how this one got away from me but I figure better late than never,  my five grins of this week are….
1) Ryan is home for his graduation so we got to spend quality time together.

2) Was supposed to be out of town for Halloween and the other side conceded so yea for me I get to stay home for Halloween

3) Because I will now be home for Halloween we get to put up the outdoor decorations, ( Kent and I were both expecting to be out of town for hearings so no outdoor deco has been done)

4) Booking out tickets for the Football game this week, heading to NY to see the Raiders play, yea

5) Got an urge to bake and made Chocolate Chip Cookies on Monday and they were awesome.

That is it for me tata for now folks.

Happy Dance Time

  • Sounds like you had a great week! I'm making chocolate chip cookies now actually! 🙂 smart idea! Thanks for linking up with us again this week!

  • How fantastic!! Are you a Raiders fan? My fiance and I are going to the Eagles Raiders game this Sunday! We are Eagles fans but two of my favorite Ohio State players are on the Raiders so I am excited to see them!!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  • We love the Raiders ( actually Kent is the Raiders fan I am a Patriot fan, but I love the Raiders Fans they are so crazy)
    Enjoy the game Saturday and I hope the Raiders win LOL