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8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

While creeping bloghopping I came across this post and I decided I really needed to steal borrow use this idea as one of my posts.  I had all intention of writing this up last night but life got in the way,  translate that to mean it was more fun to watch THOR with K, then write a post, I know how slack of me. BUTTTT come on people, I mean, THOR,  can you blame me.  I had never actually seen that movie but OMG, I mean THOR people…

Up until last night, this was my favourite THOR

 For any Stargate fans you know who this is

now instead I am stuck on this THOR thinking I might actually start liking thunder. On a serious note I actually enjoyed this movie.
Now tonight I may convince K to watch The Avengers so I can catch me some more THOR…
Now I have completely digressed from the point of this post ( I digress lots in real life too).
Back to the 8 Things
1) A Go To Drink –  by the truest sense of the intent of this I should be referencing a real drink but nah I do not have a real grown up drink, always wanted to but nope not yet. I mean seriously isn’t it way cooler to walk up to a bar and say Whiskey neat please, or Vodka Tonic or even a crappy Cosmo but me “Do you have any lime beer???”  My go to drink… lime beer in any shape or form, but my most fav is Sublime 67 and that is sold in, yep, that is right ZERO bars.

so instead, a Coors light please. 

 Now for Dinner parties and Restaurants I love me some VINO, red, white, blush whatever goes with what we are having, but for summer sipping hand me a RIESLING please.
*** any of you Riesling lovers out there we sure do have great Rieslings here in Ontario. 
2) Go To Karaoke – I have to pass on this one, I have never ever ever done karaoke, wish I could but I just cannot. Crap I cannot even do Pop Star on Play station if anyone is in the house. ( Plus this is so wrong a happy woman does not need Karaoke), this should be go to song and that I have many, many, many happy songs I love.
3) Uniform – Each season it changes slightly. Summer is shorts with a tank and a blazer, loving that look this year. Spring is usually dress with blazer or Cardigan. Fall is Jeans, tank, blazer and Boots and winter is leggings/tunic and boots.  These are my go to go out Uniforms ( work is usually suit and or office casual although I have been known to rock the uniform at work as well. ( check out me, fashion and finding my way
Basically, Blazer and scarf or statement necklace is my uniform with any kind of great footwear, the other pieces may change but not those staples)
4) Hair Stylist they love – no question and I have Kim and she is fantastic, took me two years to find her here in Ottawa but WOW,. She knows exactly what I like, what I need, what I want. Plus she now works in her home so I can go whenever it is convenient for me not based on Salon hours.( and she gives me presents of amazing hair products every time I am there)
5) Exercise routine – been a slacker for a while but it was always, two days of 30 minutes cardio and then the weights and the other days 60 minutes of cardio ( walking on my treadmill or the elliptical at the gym).  I will get back to this hence the start up of my noon hour walks.  I need extra motivation, when I used to do the 60 km breast cancer walk I was loyal at the Gym, the walk got cancelled last year and now it is far to easy to make excuses. Well I will  be 50 in January and I am entering that decade healthy so routine, welcome back.
6)   I LOVE shopping.  It makes me feel better.I also love, blogging, re-arranging  room/shelves (seriously),  DIY projects, browsing the internet, collecting jewellery and purses and shoes.I love netflixs and scy fy fantasy shows (hello Stargate )
 I used to love knitting and tole painting. I love golf and going to concerts and sports events, and I love anything WINE. I love volunteering.Wow I have a lot of hobbies.I also have the luxury of being able to do all of these things when I want as I am now in that stage of my life where I have tons of time off from work, we are now just the two of us and we are not hurting for cash. My problem is I get consumed with my hobbies and they take over my life but heck why not as long as I am loving what I am doing and not hurting anyone
7) A best friend – I have best friends from my work/union world and best friends from my festival world and they are all very near and dear to me but my most consistent best friends are my sisters and especially Andrea as we are only 21 months apart of have spent a lifetime together. Through all of our ups and downs we will always be there for each other.
 ( My other two are besties as well but with four girls you always get the 2 and 2 match up)
8) Healthy sense of self – It has taken a while, almost half a century but I think I am finally there,  My sense of self for so many years was linked to weight. I always believed if I was not skinny then I was not going to be worth anything ( had many a bout with starvation and throwing up, and excessive exercising but I am finally in a good place in my head). Do not misunderstand me there are still times when I reach that wanting to lose a few lbs but it is no longer linked to my self worth, I know K loves me for me, I know the children in my life love me for me, I know my family and friends want me just the way I am and best of all I am happy with me. I think I have become a great person that people can trust and depend on and who like being with me. ( so as much as I want a new chin and to lose 10 lbs and to not have an old lady neck, 98% of the time I am very happy being me).

  • Andrea

    And you are my Bestie as well.