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All That is Harry

Today I stumbled upon a link up that  sent waves of memories cascading….. All that is Harry Potter.  I did not grow up with Harry Potter, I did not read the books through my informative years, I was captured by that magical wizarding world when I was OLD. ( Old by Blogging standards I sometimes think)

I remember the moment so clearly, truly I think I was living in a bubble because three of the books were already out when I first heard of Harry.  That moment in time standing in Coles bookstore at Christmas 1999, the display caught my eye and I remember thinking how do I not know about this.

I picked up the three book set for Carly for Christmas and somehow, magically I think, I started reading them.  That one moment, that one small action of picking up that book, I had no idea how immersed I would become in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I have read all of the books, I actually re-read every book every time a new one was released and then I randomly pick up one of the books and reread it or bits of it even now.  I own every movie and have been known to randomly have Harry Potter Marathons where I do not leave my house until I have watched all of them.  I own the playstation games and I even have two of the computer games.

I joined Pottermore and scour the internet for all things Potter related and for the piece deresistance I have been to Universal Harry Potter World twice and I have to tell you it was everything I imagined it would be.

JK Rowlings has managed to maintain enough control that the movies and the characters are exactly as they should be and even Universal is a perfect capture of what you expect it to be.
 Butterbeer tastes just like it should.

Before I get into my favourite moments from Harry Potter I want to share a glimpse of Heaven.

Now to explore those very special moments from Harry Potter:

A few moments that stand out for me….

1) One of my most awesome moments was when Harry discovered that Sirrius was his godfather and I finally imagined a family life for Harry , then all was shattered when the next chapter in this saga ( or book) was the loss of Sirrius.

2) Death of Dobby…. how can one even put this into words, the emotions I felt when I realized Dobby was not going to make it and then Harry burying him..

3)The magical world of the Tent, they places my imagination soared to when I read this…. a tent that was like an apartment

4) The scenes of Snape with Lily and the emotions that Harry felt when he realized why Snape had been the way he was.

5) Harry and Ginny,  Ron and Hermione  such a perfect pairing

6) Molly Weasly and the fight with Bellatrix

7) When Dudley and Harry shake hands, had a tear in my eye on that one.

The mystical Magical world of Harry Potter and for Halloween….

I leave you for this one last vision….

  • I want to go to HP world SOOOO bad! I hear really great things about it and your pictures make me want to go even more!

  • It is so awesome there, every HP Fan needs to go at least once

  • I am embarrassed I have yet to go to the theme park! My brother even lives only an 2 hours away and I somehow can't make the trip down there. Thanks for linking up!