Loving Life after 50

Daily Walk

Well not even a week in and I am making excuses… not really. Today is my compressed day off ( for non Canadian Government types, that is where we work extra hours each day to get an extra day off, so K and I work a schedule that allows us every third Monday off). Unable to take a walk within 20 minutes of the workplace but instead we treated ourselves to a little visit to the new Target,  yep that is correct, TARGET.

This was my first Target expedition and I can see many more in my future.  I restrained a little bit on the clothes, purchased a Black Dress, a Bright pink blazer and a print skirt ( thanks to #hellogorgeousblog)
Saw this print skirt on her OOTD and just had to have it, when I saw it today BAM!  in the cart it went.


I did exercise a little restraint and I did not purchase this little number although it is on the list for my next trip.

The rest of the store was OK, very similar to our Zellers,  we did find a steal of a deal on a 32 inch TV so we purchased that for N’s room and some great plastic red wine glasses for lounging in the hot tub 
(with a pool and hottub we are very careful to ensure we do not use glass outside and I have slowly been moving away from coloured plastic to this type of “real” glass look)

So a trip to Target does not equal a healthy walk but it was fun.

  • You found some awesome goodies on your Target expedition! I love that first outfit. Great dresses too!

  • That navy dress is perfect for you! Love the skirt too!
    Thanks for linking up!

  • Thanks guys I had such an awesome time there, wore the skirt today. I also am so kicking myself on the blue dress, soon.