Loving Life after 50


Did anyone else watch NCIS this week??? Man I love that show although Ziva leaving has left a large gapping hole ( then again so did Kate) but I am digressing from the point of my post.

 This weeks episode about social media and the power of hashtags was both fascinating and yet scary.  I could so relate to Gibbs and his totally ignorance of what is a hashtag,  I leave with one of those ” send a tweet to Ry will ya”  when he actually means a text. Twitter, facebook, instagram, blogs, four square, pinterest and the list goes on and on and on,  Please world stop with the new social media sites I am having a hard time coping with keeping up with my real life let alone trying to maintain all these social media sites.

The power of a hashtag is pretty cool though,  such a simple little concept for getting an idea out there, using a simple little symbol “#” if done correctly has the power to change the world. ( or at least change your/our/my little world).  A singer can find instant popularity, a politician can be ruined in a second, an idea can snowball and change how we do business.
#thiscouldworkboss shows truly how powerful this medium can be.

So I leave you with #honestheart to check out Ryans music and hopefully the power of this medium will ensure him a larger audience.