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Little Halloween Cheer

Weather is so dreary and depressing today, the temperature is a bit shocking for Halloween,  so snowsuits needed tonight. Seriously 14 degrees may be awesome for trick or treating normally but torrential downpours,  I am afraid we will not get to many chicklets tonight.  How sad is it that we will not see cute little kiddies all dressed up coming to the door to take all our candy.  ( hmmm should rethink this, all those chocolate bars, cheesies and sourpatch kids for me (insert evil laugh here)

On a serious note, I love having the children come to the door and Kent and I ususally dress up to greet them ( hmmm just me this year) but I am sad that I do not think it will happen.

Did get a little Halloween cheer to day though,  my great nephew ( and he is pretty great LOL) is a little ginger who seems to be in the spirit of Halloween this year.  How can these pics not make you smile.



  • Love the sock monkey! My son has sock monkeys all over his room, and we didn't even plan that theme, we just received random sock monkey stuff and it all came together! If he didn't already have a hand me down costume I probably would have chosen a sock monkey!

  • everyone loves Sock Monkeys it seems