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Little Shopping Mistakes or missteps

Ever have one of those days where you know something is just not quite right??  I mean everything seems ok but there is that little nagging feeling of doubt that something is just off.. Well that happened to me,  not today but a few weeks ago.

Maybe you saw the post,

Silver Oxfords
I found this great pair of Silver Oxfords at PacSun,  and for only 10.00 ( Thank God), Well I kept looking at this picture all day and something seemed off. Well it was,  after sitting at my desk staring at my great shoes i turned them over and realized, what a moron I was, one was a six 6.5 and the other 7.5, argggggg how does that happen.
Well in the store I tried on my normal 6, felt good but I thought maybe I would be wearing socks so I should try the 6.5,  seemed good but Nah went back to the size 6.  While waiting at the cash I was doubting my decision so I ran back and grabbed the 6.5’s,  well I guess someone else had been sifting through the sales bin and the 6.5’s apparently were no longer together.  So now I sit back and sadly realize I no longer have a pair of silver Oxfords and I now must resume my search.  ( Found two great pairs, one at J Crew and one at Bass but I am not really sure I want to spend 189.00 or 88.00 respectively on a pair of shoes that may be a fad, at least the metallic colour could be, never the Oxfords.) If you are listening out there anyone who wants to promote silver oxfords here I am ( like that will happen)
I also now reflect back on a few other shopping mishaps, like the time I bought my first artificial tree.  How was I supposed to know they were heavy…. Saw a tree I liked on sale for a great price so I grabbed the box, paid the cash and merrily went on my way.  When I got home and opened the lovely box, lo and behold no friggin tree..  The tree was the display model and I had just paid 57.00 for an empty box ( it was a few years ago or maybe actually a decade ago)  I still have not lived that moment down and my family never lets me forget.  I did go back to the store and yes they did accept my lame story and I did get the tree.  Moral of the story everyone,  artificial trees are heavy. Thanks Zeller’s for always having great customer Service, at least the Lancaster Branch in Saint John.
How about the perfect boots I found at shoe dazzle,  not only were they perfect they were on clearance so I got the boots for 14.99 ( plus 20.00 shipping).  Who cares about shipping when you have found the perfect boot right… well I waited impatiently for my boots and was so thrilled when they arrived. Opened the box as impatiently as we do that long awaited Christmas present and then I felt just like you do when you open that Christmas or Birthday gift and find that ugly sweater… those feelings that almost cannot be described, that total thrill and exhilaration turning to despair, horror, complete sadness.  The boots oh they were beautiful but somehow, someone had packed two right feet.  USELESS,  even worse when I contacted the company they were sold out…. no more left,  little tear inserted here,  How can that happen who out there got the two left feet?  Did you ever send them back, report the issue??  If you are reading this and you know a sad sole/soul 
( haha get the pun) who has a pair of boots with two left feet size 6, well I have the two right.  I cannot bear to throw them away.
On a positive note again the company came through and I did not have to send them back but they did recredit my account.  I would rather have the boots though.  Thanks Shoe Dazzle for having great customer service but if you ever did get a left foot Cognac boot back in size 6, I would love to have it.
I sooo loved these boots.
So there you go a few quick stories of the woes of Linda’s shopping adventures. Have to admit I have been very lucky that the company’s have responded so well. ( Unlike Future Shop and our IPOD mishap but thank god APPLE came through there, but that is another story for another Day)