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Think Pink, Found a lump and acted like a …..


Found a lump, wow those three words have the ability to send waves of terror through us don’t they….. Let’s start with the good news first, the lump is a cyst but finding that out is the ” bad” part of my story.

A few weeks ago on the golf course i felt some tenderness under my arm, yep, checked and I found a smal lump. Had a small moment of terror and then I chalked it up to must be a cyst or  an in fection, I mean really It was in my underarm and wouldn’t I have felt it that morning. Seriously under your arm, in the armpit,  we shave daily , apply deodorant. that is the one place you would expect you would notice serious lumps right away..
Well typical female avoidance, ignore and it will go away.

I did ignore it and for another two weeks it did not seem to be an issue.  Then wham, it was back again and causing me discomfort. Well being me, I tried to ignore it again,  this continued for another two days when I realized what the heck am I doing… I spent five years raising money to support Breast Cancer awareness and treatment and here I was doing everything I hoped no-one else would ever do, ignoring signs that should not be ignored.
Picking up the phone and calling the Dr was the smartest thing I had done in a while. On a positive and happy note the Doc believes the lump is just a cyst and is nothing to worry about,  seriously how simple was that, call Dr, go visit and ta da no more worries.

Well one has to ask oneself, why would a person who believed so strongly in the cause ignore everything I encouraged everyone else to do.

I told myself I was being a moron, why would I not get a lump checked out, why would I be celebrating October and Breast Cancer Awareness and then ignore a lump.  I was surfing on a few blog sites that I follow regularly and noticed a Pink Giveaway to celebrate all this month is supposed to be, how could I really be entering all these giveaways, donate and assist in promoting awareness and then IGNORE a warning.

It has taken me 9 days to work up the nerve to write this post, not because it is full of bad news but because it reveals how STUPID I can be, sounds harsh but that is exactly what is was stupid.  Tough to write about bad decisions/silly decisions/avoidance decisions, But tonight I am  putting it all out there I feel it is important to tell this story, if only one person reads this and realizes it takes so little to get something checked  then writing this will be worthwhile.

It is October, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I will always wear the pink proudly because it is my reminder that no matter how progressive we think we are and no matter how much we believe the message is out there, fear can always take us back to that point in time where it is safer to bury our head in the sand, cower under the blanket and believe if we close our eyes the boggy man can’t see us.

Check yourself regularly, get everything checked and remember medicine has progressed to the point that early diagnosis is the best cure.

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    and now your mother is upset with you, although you would be in a low risk factor, this was something to be addressed immediately. Scared me to death also. Take care, thank God it was/is not serious and I love you


  • thanks luv u 2