Loving Life after 50

Time to get Healthy and share my City

I realized it has been over a year since I have been to the gym and probably a good 8 months since I stepped on the treadmill.  It has been a great year filled with food, wine and good friends but I need to get back on track.
Small start but today I have decided that instead of spending my lunch hour on facebook ( yes I can break that addiction). I will pick a street and take a 20 minute walk.  Get out get some fresh air and explore all that is around me.  I mean seriously I live in Ottawa and work 20 minutes ( on Foot) from Parliment.
The streets around our building are filled with old beautiful homes.
Come join me on my walk each day and get to know my fair city.
Today we shall take a walk up Gilmour Street

Corner of Bank and Gilmour, look way down and you will see the Parliment Buildings ( maybe if I had a zoom lens)

Gilmour Inn

My office is in that egg shaped Building

Almost there

got side tracked when I saw these random Balloons 

This is my Building and thus my Employer,  it is also home to my UNION of which I am a life member.