Loving Life after 50

Treasured Childhood Memories

Saw a post from Over 50, memories, and it got me to thinking, what brings back my happy memories. Those feelings that only a content child can feel.

These represent some of my most treasured and favourite memories, losing myself in books. Nancy Drew, Bobbsie Twins, Hardy Boys, heck even Danny Dunn ( I so wanted to invent stuff)

 I loved my books and I loved losing myself in that world. Today when I reflect back I also treasure the thought that my mom had read these books, and then my sisters and I read them and hopefully the generations following us will find the pleasure that we did in these books.

Today we ( the royal we of course) have Harry Potter ( I do so love that series),
 Chronicles of Narnia, and so  many, many more. I hope that the generations of today and tomorrow always hold on to that love of books and the written word that I had ( and my sisters had). Wow we were a family of voracious readers, we loved losing ourselves in the world of make believe. Oh to have just a moment of that time back, I would love to teleport back to that time and just watch as we shared our love of books. ( If Danny Dunn could invent the homework machine how come no-one has invented the teleporting machine or time machine yet…..)

Lets not even get into when we grew up and  progressed to Grammies Harlequin Romances.

So excuse me as I say Good night and head out to my hot tub time machine…Hello little sisters here I come.