Loving Life after 50

5 Little Grins

The first Monday in November, a cool but sunny day and I need to think about what is making me grin,  hmmm.  Actually its very easy to think of five things today

1) Today was our CDO, commonly known as compressed day off and we had no plans nor chores so just a day to spend together ( big smily face here)

2) Kent was all for finishing the Harry Potter Marathon today so we watched 7 hours of Harry Potter ( other big grin)

3) WE had a complete Harry Potter Marathon all weekend,  8 movies since Saturday Evening and
     Meeko watched the movies with us

4) Went to Coras and had a very decadent Banana Blast

5) Redid my Halloween Wreath and made it a Fall wreath to get me through another week until Christmas Decorating time. ( Yea for Christmas Decorating season, extra big smiley face)

So great weekend, great start to the workweek and as a bonus,  got our tickets for the Raiders vs Giants Game on Sunday in NY so that will be lots of grin for next monday

  • Harry Potter marathon? Sounds great! That banana blast looks DELISH! thanks for linking up with us again! 😀

  • OH! Crepes sound SO GOOD!! I'm glad you had a great day off just doing nothing – a Harry Potter marathon sounds exactly like what I need!! P.s. smart change on your Halloween wreath. I love how you could just change it up like that!

  • That reminds me I too am due again to have a Harry Potter marathon soon. Its seriously the best marathon you can have.