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5 Little Grins

5 little Grins is a fun linkup to start your week on a positive note. it is basically 5 things that make you smile on a Monday. Or maybe 5 things that you want to remember to smile about when you are going into work bright and early on a Monday morning after an awesome weekend.
For me last week ended on a sad note as both Kent and I were out sick but its a “new day” and I have lots to smile about.
1) The weather was beautiful this weekend,almost spring like so I decorated the outside for Christmas. 

2) The Raiders won their football game yesterday, so although we did not get to see it life we did see a win this week.

3)I found the coat I wanted at Target and it was on sale for 29.99. Double bonus the coat I wanted at a steal of a deal ( soft, pink it is perfect).
4)My Go Jane order arrived so I have three new necklaces to wear this week.
5) We firmed up our plans for the Christmas Holiday and we are heading to Memphis to watch the Autozone Liberty Bowl and visit Beale Street on New Years Eve, very excited.
I am sad that one of our hosts had such a bad week and I hope that reading everyone else’s 5 little grins may help her see the positive in all that is around her, although kudo’s for even managing to post any little grins this week with what happened. 
So I will end with I am sending some grins your way Paulina.
  • Your decorations look great!! Awesome on the coat- sometimes it's great to find just what you want, but it's even better when you get it at a great price!

  • That is awesome you get to travel on the holidays to someplace fun. I have always wanted to do that.