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Blog Giveaways

One of the most fascinating aspects of blogging that I had no clue about are “Giveaways”. Truly this is one of the aspects of the blogging world that I was not aware of but am truly captivated.  I find myself spending hours entering giveaways on the blogisphere.

I understand the importance of them (presents and prizes) for increasing readership and what a great way to increase your audience/following but I am finding myself  preferring  to enter and win far more than I desire expanding my viewers ( kind of defeats the purpose for many I know)

My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!

 How fun is it to enter a small giveaway and then get that email….. this week I got two emails.  I won a lovely necklace from a giveaway from Mason like the Jar and Beautiful Things and then today found out I won a scarf and hair ties from the Fall Fancy Fest, thanks to Kendra at Simply Darrling.
Its like Christmas and Birthdays, presents coming from all over.

The only downside is trying to stay on top of my twitter account, lord it is getting full.

13 Reasons You Never Get Anything Done

Now I am truly trying to weigh the benefits of a giveaway, is it to early for me, to soon?? What if no-one is interested in me participating ( boy, out comes the what if no-one likes me fears). On a serious note, what do I have to offer another blogger.  I do not have a large following at all so I would get more out of that then they do but I am loyal and a social media addict so I can guarantee lots of tweets and postings.

You dont have any friends gollum

That is what I am doing now contemplating the value of participating in a giveaway as opposed to entering all giveaways.

For now I will keep pondering as I hit follow/like/share in order to keep increasing my chances for STUFF.