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Daily Walk

Today I made sure I added my daily walk to my Agenda.  Monday is Nov 11th and for the first time since we moved to Ottawa we will not be here for the Remembrance Day Service.  I really wanted to walk up to the War Monument and to take a moment to reflect. All of those soldiers, in all of those wars who have given up so much for us. So no smart ass comments, no little jokes in this post just a solemn oath that I will always remember.

The War Monument in Ottawa is pretty  spectacular , the only negative is that is does not reflect the most recent Wars. My family and Kent’s family both have soldiers who have served this country and we thank God everyday that they came home to us,  maybe a liitle worse for wear but they did come home.
This Monday I hope we all take a few extra moments not just to reflect on what they sacrificed but also to recall what the government of the day is doing that is such a slap in the face to our Vets.

Please at 11:00 on the 11th bow your head and take two minutes to remember.This was my walk to the monument, how strange that the tree trunks were almost black in appearance, another illustration of the bleakness of the moment.


 There are many photos of the monument from every angle, I love that the monument is surrounded by Parliament and the Chateau Laurier,  the center where it rightly belongs.
This is the monument on a regular work Day.






These are from past services showing that we do Remember, as a Family, as a City, as a country.

Movember accounts for the facial hair


  • What a lovely tribute and a beautiful post, thanks for sharing.