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Everyday Hero – Chelsea

A little while ago I decided to start a series on Every Day heros.  those people that inspire us in our everyday lives. These are not the celebrities that you see on TV, they are everyday people leading everyday lives but they each have that little bit of spark in them that makes a person sit up and take notice.  Originally I had planned on posting every few days but then I realized why would I not give my ” Every Day hero” a little time to shine.

Today’s hero takes us to Thunder Bay Ontario, to a young lady that is participating in something very special.
Chelsea Nagy is a 21 year old university student, enrolled in a very difficult program at Lakehead University, worked two jobs all summer and maintains employment during the school year and volunteers to help some disadvantaged Children participate in something very special. Chelsea came into our lives via my eldest step son and I have always been in awe of all that she is able to accomplish.

Chelsea and her girlfriend Lorena, started a Cheer Club, Dynamite Dreamers.The club is comprised of children of varying ages all who have special needs. I think these pictures illustrate far better than any words I can use exactly what these girls have brought into these children s lives.

In October of this year I stumbled across Shreddies Search for Goodness Contest and I knew Chelsea fit this mold perfectly. I knew I would be doing a great disservice if I did not take the time to nominate her.
When Chelsea was contacted by Shreddies and advised of the nomination, the first thing she got excited about was how the cheer squad would feel about being in a commercial,  she was more excited to think of how excited they would be then she was of her own recognition for her accomplishment ( wow what a  run on sentence that turned out to be). The fact that she thought more of her cheerleaders and their excitement is a testament to how special she is.

My nomination was short and sweet:

I would like to nominate Chelsea an extraordinary young women who works with special needs children in Thunder Bay. In 2013 Chelsea and her friend Lorena started a special needs cheerleading squad “Dynamite Dreamers”. In March of 2013, this squad of very amazing children lead by some very special women came second. The newspaper summed it up when the headlines read the crown errupted with a standing ovation. The following quote from Chelsea’s mother says it all. “Today I could not be a prouder mom. A few months ago my daughter Chelsea Nagy and her friend Lorena Marie decided to start a special needs cheerleading team. Today that team participated in the Northern OCF championships. They were amazing! I am so proud of you my girls! xoxoxo”. I think this story is one that needs to be shared.

The local paper picked up the story : Chronicle Journal

A young Thunder Bay woman has been nominated for “going above and beyond” to make a difference in her community.
Chelsea Nagy has been nominated for Shreddies’ Search for Goodness, a national search for someone who makes a significant difference in their community and the lives of others.
Nagy works closely with special needs children through a cheerleading club, Dynamite Dreamers, she runs with a friend.
“The confidence she has instilled in her students is a testament to her selfless commitment to making them feel like they are a part of something special. She is an inspiration to everyone around her and a worthy nominee in our Search for Goodness,” spokesperson Dane Gergovich said in a email to The Chronicle-Journal.

Shreddies is now in the process of selecting the five semi finalists and my fingers are crossed that this company recognized the extraordinary work that this young woman has done.  The semi finalists will be announced on December 12th so mark your calendars and check the Shreddies facebook site,  if Chelsea is one of the five ( or I should state when Chelsea is announced as one of the five) please cast a vote and show the world that you to recognize the “goodness” of what she has done.

And I leave you with a video from one of my favourite Singers,  Dave Carroll and Everyday Heros.