Loving Life after 50

Everyday Heros

Most of us think we live very ordinary life’s and are very ordinary people but actually we are all very extraordinary, very unique and very special.  We may not all be Terry Fox,  

We may not have invented/discovered the cure for cancer or any other disease but we have all a little bit of hero inside of us. It may be something that we do that inspires someone else to try, maybe a kind word or a smile that changes a persons direction., maybe an act of kindness that makes that person or animal feel better, what ever it is I believe in my heart that we all have a bit of hero.

I have looked around at the people in my life and everyday I see them doing some pretty inspiring work, some are changing the lives of others, some are changing their own lives but all of them are doing it, not, for appreciation or recognition but rather because they need to or want to or feel inspired to….

Every few days I am going to showcase a person in my life and introduce them to you, they may be changing themselves or changing the world around them but I think you will agree with me that there is a little bit of HERO in them.


My first hero is Casey. Katherine Deanna, although she has never ever been known by her full name has been pretty awe inspiring this year and the last few years actually.

Let me tell you a little bit about her, Casey is one my my younger sisters ( I have three), she will be 46 in February and has 4 daughters, two stepsons, a grand daughter and a grandson.

Casey was our wild child growing up, from the time she was a toddler she was always going to be the one to get in trouble, I mean how many three year olds do you know that when in the hospital would plug every fountain and start flooding the place.  

There were times when I wondered what kind of person is she going to grow up to be… She ran away when she was 8, with a map of Maine and was heading to Florida, made it  a few miles down the road and ended up hunkering down for the night in our mailman’s barn, thankfully she was recognized and he called my parents. Casey had a few troubles growing up, she had a daughter early in life and made the decision that “B” would be better off with a family able to take care of her, fast forward 20 plus years and she is back in our lives and has given Casey a beautiful grand daughter. Casey finally settled down in life and found a guy she adored and a life she loved. Through all their trials and tribulations they were making it and seemed happy.I watched her take care of her young family while J went to Bosnia.   I watched her stay behind when he went to Afghanistan to serve our country, thank you J, I watched her take care of her family and her husband while he readjusted to life back home, both times. I continue to watch her deal with a spouse with PTSD. As if life isn’t hard enough with that,  her granddaughter gets diagnosed with leukemia, I mean seriously how much is one expected to deal with. Well not only has she managed to deal with all of this and remain somewhat sane, she moves across the country with the Military, fights to stay on experimental drugs to treat her psoriasis but she also starts a new life plan to take care of herself. One of her recent posts show her joy over what this drug has done for her. so HAPPY!!! I have been approved for another year on Stelara….my miracle treatment.14 1/2 years with horrible psoriasis,2 years on stelara and my skin is so much better.Life Changing 

  Casey over this past year has switched to a gluten free life style, takes her dog for several really long walks everyday as her exercise plan and has lost over 45 lbs.  Most importantly she has also gotten her sugars under control and every time she gets a check up they are reducing her insulin, soon she could actually be insulin free.

Wow.Went to the Doctor today for a med refill.I now have to REDUCE my insulin AGAIN!! Also my bp is LOW. I can be off insulin in the near future if i keep the exercise/weightloss up. — feeling awesome.

She has re-found( is that even a word) her love of photography  ( see some of her pics of Eli) and is a scrap-booking and stamping wizard.  I hope she is able to keep showing the world how talented she is.https://www.facebook.com/casey.joeferguson/media_set?set=a.10150298824565007.534163.575840006&type=3

To me watching my sister over the years grow the way she has, dealing with the things that she has and remaining so positive is inspiring. Casey you make me very proud to call you my sister and you are my first Everyday Hero.

This is Casey with Ashley

Casey’s kids


Casey today