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I just completed my very first book review and it was a treat,  a quick and easy read of great little tips and strategies for organizing those aspects of your home that we do not always pay attention to,  come on admit it, you think regularly about organizing the kitchen drawers but when is the last time you started trying to figure out what to do with all those great trophies and ornaments that your Children have accumulated…. hmmm thought so. Take a quick read they will help you release a little of the guilt you feel when you do not save little pumpkins macaroni picture.
I would recommend checking this out Amazon
This is a great little book on how to organize
the objects and spaces in your home ( and the emphasis is on little as it is
more like a series of articles then a lengthy book) . I was able to read
through very quickly and found that the writers were addressing me in a style
that allowed me to comprehend and relate, as well as chuckle at some of the
comparisons. The book consists of twelve short chapters, lets call them short
stories/articles each dealing with a unique topic; memorabilia, storage rooms,
clutter, laundry, kids’ spaces, a digital room, holidays, mail, and steps to
getting organized. I loved the memorabilia section as this is one area of our
lives that emotions rule and there are some great tidbits of advice for
addressing that. Each chapter includes links to other sources of expert advice.
While the book focuses on organizing the home, it also delves into the aspect
of the why we need to do this, this quote says it all “Successful organizing
not only involves the physical change but often the behavioural and motivational
as well.” I truly enjoyed this book and hope to apply some of the practical
And for a little PS I read and reviewed this little book because as organized as I like to think I am, I too fall off the wagon.
Explain how a woman who took the time to get organized to this:

Has a dresser that looks like this today:
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