Loving Life after 50


This was my Original Meeko post, for a collage of pics please go to my Ode to Meeko page, new postings will be under the label Meeko for the future.
This is my favourite creature. My almost nine year old cat that looks more like a kitten.
Carly and I rescued Meeko from a shelter seven years ago.  The vet believed she was probably two at the time.  She had been declawed and fixed. How does a cat like that end up in the street in the middle of Winter…. We named her after the Raccoon in Pocahontas.
She was a very meek cat ( still is actually) who is terrified of children.  Meeko has never been a normal cat, at times acting like a dog and other times just so not in to cuddling, petting or any of the other sometimes normal cat things.
This year I guess she has finally settled into a routine after  so many years and has become a CAT. 
She started going through what most would think was “Heat” this spring but I think it is “cat menopause”.  She now meows and rolls around looking for attention.  She has also started paying attention to the men in the house something she has never done before.
Meeko loves potato chips, popcorn and ice-cream.  Apparently she is also a cheese lover because I found her on the cupboard eating the goat cheese. ( She never used to jump on cupboards)
Every so often I take her outside but she hates the leash so last night I took her outside and sat her on the bar and as long as I stayed with her she did not move.