Loving Life after 50

OOTD, Go Jane Go

Today I needed to find something warm to wear that matched my new collar from Go Jane ( something I stumbled across when I was searching for boots recommended by BSSO).  Today it is -10C with the wind chill (14 F) and a windy, blustery day although the sun is shining.

Decided on a black and blue basic combo today,  no bells or whistles just a few classic pieces.
Black trousers from Old Navy, Blue Cashmere from Jones and Co, Oxfords from Bass and of course my new collar from Go Jane.

 Excuse the poor lighting, it is to early in the morning.



  • Lovely outfit. Love the collar, it's adorable. 14F??? I am freezing to death just by the thought of it………
    keep yourself warm and cozy Linda.

  • yea 14 f ( and I can think of many things the "f" can stand for today, it has warmed up though