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OOTD, It’s a little cold outside

Today I took a step on the wild side, I did that thing only bloggers and teenage girls do,  I went for a walk and then started taking outside pictures of myself in a strange neighbourhood (OK maybe not everyone does this part).
I normally take pictures on my I Phone,  in my bedroom or in my office ( with the door closed of course).  Today nothing was turning out right so I decided I would go for my walk and instead of taking pictures of houses I would take a few of myself.  Seriously a small little thing one would think  but I found myself swiveling my head to make sure I did not have an audience.  Does anyone else feel this self conscious when taking pictures of yourself?  Is it something we eventually grow out of. I hope so because I do so love posting OOTD pics and I do not think Kent is ready to step into daily photographer role yet.

Today I am going with the layered look,  I have been seeing a lot of fur vests this fall and remembered I picked up this baby 6 years ago at the gap,  who’ld have thunk I was so fashion forward LOL.



Vest under coat makes me look like a stuffed monkey but at least I am warm.




This is my favourite hat, love the colour, love the style.  I cannot even remember where I got it but it has been a winter staple for about 5 years.

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  • LOVE the outfit and I am downright obsessed with your coat. Cute and warm! After moving from Hawaii to Colorado I've been struggling with how to look cute while still being warm. I love how you made both work. 🙂

  • I love all the elements of this outfit! The gingham, red, and fur vest go together so well!

  • I always feel terribly self conscious when taking outfit photos! I love yay first layered look – it's gorgeous!

  • I gotta say I really love the outfit and I think red is definitely your color! Thank you so much for visiting my blog 😉


  • Love the outfit! Cute end warm 🙂 you look fantastic:) kisses Beata

  • thanks everyone and Jane the coat was from Ricki's, they have great coats for great prices.