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OOTD When plans go awry

I had all intentions of going to work today, actually got proactive last night and figured out what I would wear ( good thing about linkups is always trying to think of cool or different outfits or how to showcase an accessory).  Today however, we woke up to 25 cm (9.8 inches) of snow, treacherous road conditions and a phone call to Kent advising his office was closed, so…… I sent an email to work, taking a snow day and spent the day in my PJ’s.  Yes I even shoveled in my flashy red jammies.

So what I was supposed to wear: Dress- Banana Republic, Blazer- Zellers, Necklace -Airport Boutique and shoes from Shoe Dazzle

Outfit for work


What I actually wore:

 ( may not want to look at this train wreck but I was comfy)