Loving Life after 50

Raiders, Liberty Bowl and a girls love of football

I love live football, for some reason in a stadium surrounded by screaming fans I am able to follow what is going on, or maybe that is because I can’t get distracted by what is on my computer screen hmmm maybe.

Actually I love almost all sports when I am there I am just not a very good TV fan, actually I am like the worst type of TV watcher. I cannot sit in front of the TV without my laptop. ( I am watching Bill Maher as I type, half an ear tuned to him rest of my focus here.) I am drifting off topic here,  football, I love going to games.
Two weeks ago we drove to New York to watch the Raiders play the Giants and truly believed this was one of the games the Raiders should win,

  not so much….. so hopeful when the game started and then bam it was over.The tailgating  and great Giants fans we meet quickly got us over our loss.


Regardless of the outcome of the game I have to tell you no-one does football like the Americans, gosh they love their football. The atmosphere is almost beyond description.  A few years ago we attended a Buffalo game in Toronto, not the same thing at all. Do not misunderstand me, it was a live football game and we had a blast but it just cannot compare at all.

Final highlight of the game, at Redd’s afterwards we meet the parents of one of the Raiders players and Kent was almost starstruck, meeting a raiders players parents was better than all the celebrity’s we have meet through the music festivals ( Lord he was calmer chatting with Tom Morello then he was the parents.)

Forgive the quality of the last picture, we had been tailgating remember.

Soon now  I am about to head to my first US College Game, the Autozone Liberty Bowl.  I am so excited

Tickets are purchased for the game and the pre game brunch and we have no idea who is even playing.
Imagine Memphis for a Bowl Game on New Years Eve followed by Beale Street, life is good.

So yea I do love football, just do not ask me to explain what just happened OK.

  • Raiders fans, huh? I can't believe you guys met nice Giants fans, I didn't know that was such a thing!!

    I kid, I kid. Memphis will be so fun!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Beale street!

  • I am so looking forward to Beale Street, and true confession I am actually a Pats fan but live with a Raider Fan