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Thirsty Thursday

A little sad this morning to learn that Thirsty Thursday is taking a break,  I mean I just found this link up and was enjoying reading about the different taste palates out there.  Truly the most enjoyment I had was not necessarily trying the drink recipes but rather learning about everyone’s taste palate, plus it gives you such a great peak into who a person actually is.

Last week for Halloween which I think was my first link up, I cheated a bit a stayed the course, I mean its Halloween and everyone is planning parties so I felt I needed to describe some great Halloween cocktails. This week as we bid adieu, hopefully for only a short while I am going to talk about my Favourite White Wine, and I have to tell you folks I love this wine and no it is not Chardonnay.

My favourite White is Riesling and more specifically Ontario Rieslings, the most misunderstood white out there, in my humble ( or not) opinion.  Now before you hit your back button to go on to the next link up please just give me a few minutes. Rieslings are not the sweet while they used to be,  now don’t get me wrong if you are a buttery chardonnay gal,  one who likes the oakiness traditionally found there then you probably will not make this a new favourite.  If however, you are a Pinot Grigio gal you will love this I promise.

This is a common descriptor of my Riesling:

Riesling wines can be highly aromatic with apple, peach and pear at the forefront mixed with delicate floral undertones and often honey and spice on the nose. On the palate, Rieslings echo the apple, pear and peach along with citrus and tropical nuances. Rieslings tend to pick up a noticeable “minerality” from their native soils, explaining why hints of slate or limestone can be exhibited.

For me, nope that is not what I believe a Riesling tastes like at all,  I hate floral undertones in any of my wines,  I am a crisp citrus girl ( probably explains my love of everything lime) and what Riesling gives me is that crisp tang, a little taste of the tropics every time I take a sip.  

A few quick facts about Ontario and her ( and yes to me Ontario is a Her, can’t explain the why it just feels right) Rieslings:
Number of wine producers in region (all types of wine): 132

Number of wine producers who produce at least some Riesling: 96 wineries in Ontario produce Riesling. Riesling is used in 17% of Ontario’s annual total production.

Average annual size of Riesling crop: 6,500 metric tonnes; annual production is 3.6 million litres (400,000 cases), and 240,000 of these cases are single-varietal Rieslings.

Most common styles of wine: Dry, Medium or Off-dry, Late Harvest, Icewine.

Average price and range of prices of Riesling wines: Rieslings produced as table wine (excluding Icewine) range in price from CAD$11.00 to CAD$35.00 (750ml); Riesling Icewines are priced up to CAD$80.00 (375ml).

Major markets (countries and/or states/provinces): Primary market is Ontario; U.S., Asia and U.K. for export (mostly Icewine).

Thanks to winecountryontario for the above facts.

It  was a family of Italian origin that moved Riesling into the mainstream of Ontario’s wine culture, where it has remained to this day. Len and Tom Pennachetti founded Cave Spring winery, based on a spectacular Riesling vineyard inland on the Niagara Escarpment bench land near Beamsville. They made estate-grown Rieslings – Dry and Off-dry, a Late Harvest called Indian Summer, as well as one of the first Riesling Icewines. Today these remain staples on wine lists throughout Ontario, indeed all of Canada.
Dozens of other producers have since joined on, including some in warmer Lake Erie North Shore and colder Prince Edward County. But it was new Niagara “bench” wineries like Thirty Bench, Flat Rock, Tawse, Hidden Bench and Featherstone that opened in the 2000s that elevated Riesling by aiming high in terms of quality and price. They in turn have given rise to small Riesling specialists like Charles Baker and Twenty Twenty-Seven Cellars making tiny quantities from single vineyards.

For me personally many of the Vineyards produce a great Riesling but Tawse produces one of my favourites  as do Konzelmann and Meglomaniac, these three also rank amoungst my favourite Vineyards as they are each pretty spectacular in their own way. I would encourage you to go on these sites and just take a quick tour, and if given a chance to hit Ontario you might want to arrange a tour.

So I leave you today hopefully with a hankering to try a Riesling and maybe come visit and a few pictures of the vineyards.




And to show you how much I love Ontario Rieslings and all her wines actually,  this is after our first trip to the Niagara region to visit the Vineyards.

Cheers and Happy Thursday

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