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What’s in your Purse

Kellie Pickler: What's in My Bag?

I love US Magazine and especially enjoy the Purse segment. It sometimes amazes me to see what some people carry and why they carry these items. AS well as what they do not have….

Second on my curiousity list ist how all those models and bloggers hold their purse so nonchalently if they are filled with stuff, I mean do these  look like  bags that are actually being used

I am picking on celebrity ads here as I do not want to offend any bloggers that I follow but I have to ask Is there really anything in that bag you are holding or are you carrying it only for the picture????????

This is what my bag has looked like lately ( and I promise I do switch up the bag with my outfit sometimes, actually I love bags and I love switching but often I carry far to much shit crap stuff to switch)

Looks pretty heavy doesn’t it,

So on a very serious note ( I am not kidding here) I emptied my purse to see what I was actually carrying,
this is pretty horrid actually. I could not believe the crap I was lugging around all day, everyday.and wondering why my arms, back and shoulders are always sore duh.  I did this as soon as I got home from work so I could not cheat and add or remove anything.
Here goes:(and yes people I really do advertise that much for Coach)

My purse contents minus my reader that I forgot on my desk at work and my Iphone that I used to take this picture (  and the usual few granola bars in case I got hungry, ate the last one today)
Camera Charger Iphone charger,Ereader charger
Zantac and rolaids
3 Bee lip balms,Avon Lipstick avon lip moisturizer, avon lip balm
2 pairs eyeglasses,1 pair sunglasses
casino ticket, shoppers game ballot, 2 free rounds of golf passes (I won)
Blackberry ( for work)
Old bus ticket
3 straws
1emery board
purse hanger
Large CoachWallet
small Coach Wallet
Coach Pill Case
Business cards and Business card wallet
Pen( normally I have several plus sharpies)
Old school scrunchie
elastics and bobby pins
Tim Hortons cup holder.
So one must ask, why would any one person need all of this stuff, picture this purse with the Reader and the Iphone included, throw in a few granola bars and that makes me the person to have with you if you get shipwrecked or stranded anywhere.
Dear fellow bloggers I will confess now if you ever see me posing with a bag that looks “swingy”and “light” then it means I have not yet filled it yet… ….
So what do you have in your Purse??
  • momma

    momma trained you well, I carry much of the same, but not the ereader, I carry a real book and usually a magazine also, plus a blood monitor and sometimes a case with the insulin pen. sore back, neck and shoulder also. Usually have Lloyds glasses too

  • haha, so funny, do you really have anything in there!?! I may do one of these posts one day…although my bag is boring, the less I have to lug around the better!