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5 Little Grins

It is almost Christmas people,  how about that, are you as giddy as I am about the Holidays???
and not only is it almost that time, it is also time for this weeks 5 Little Grins,  an awesome linkup that makes you reflect upon how your week has gone or how it will be and appreciate all that is happening.

The three bloggers who started this deserve a hand for picking such an awesome topic for a link up and I tell you they find 5 things to grin about regardless of what is happening in their own lives, so ladies

So to my 5 Little Grins this week.

1) We had an awesome Open house this weekend, lots of people, lots of food, lots of laughs,  we do so love entertaining and when it all comes together so perfectly… a day full of awesomeness.

2) Participating in my first giveaway, so excited as my numbers grow but hoping that as much as one might click follow, I am hoping they do still come back and visit me,  I mean followers are great but only if they come visit right???

3) Christmas Baking is all done and I did an awesome job if I do say so myself.

4)  Got the Christmas Movie that I won in the Mail and I cannot wait to watch it.

5)  Won some add space on Cassandra’s blog so very excited to be sharing her space over the next little while.

  • Woo!! I love these little grins! I'm sad I didn't do any baking this holiday season – I've been sick!! Thank you for ALWAYS linking up with us! You're awesome!!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday!