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Awesome Impractical Gifts

Not sure where I saw this picture

but someone on my facebook feed posted it and as I am a nintendo geek and playstation freak I had to follow this through. Well I found the most awesome site for very cool yet very impractical gifts so after browsing for a few minutes ( and if you believe that I could only be on that site for a few minutes… that’s like someone telling you that just looked at one picture on Pinterest). OK focus Linda, so Firefox is a very cool site and I have compiled a list of impractical gifts I would like to give: ( PS No One has has paid me or given me anything to post this, although that sure would have been nice, nah I am just an internet surfing gal that likes to share my finds impractical as they may be).

For the photographers in my life a coffee mug for home and a travel mug for shoots.

For all my girls that love their wine ( Available in Cab Sauv or Chardonnay and a Rose)

For my Gin and Whisky lovers to get them in the spirit (haha great pun) of the holidays and advent Calendar

My Beer Lovers will not be forgotten ( although this may make them do some forgetting)

A big box of British Beer                                              Or a box of Duff Beer

To my little gamers: Soaps in any shape, hopefully a way to fool them into the tub and away from their game.

and  to the musicians in my life, Make their own pics to throw out to screaming fans and every rocker needs a Marshall Fridge, forget Red Solo cups for drinking on stage and a camping cooler, this way they can have ample beverages on stage with a subtly disguised fridge,

and finally to our fashionistas out there:

Nail Rock Christmas Sweaters(jumpers)                         or the mighty purse so your phone never dies

Awesome and impractical or maybe kind of practical, the gifts that guarantee no-one else will think of it and just maybe will generate a little smile on the face of someone you love. Seriously so much better than a gift card but not something you will ever find in your ho hum Department store.