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Back to the Beginnings

What does one do on a lazy Boxing Day while feeling the effects of a cold, well watch  big Bang Theory Marathon and review our Blog of course.  When I started this blog or restarted it actually the purpose was for outfit and shoe posts as I thought my instagram feed was boring people, little did I know That soon I would not only be filling my instagram feed with selfies but my blog, twitter and all other forms of social media.  One large mistake I made was creating pages instead of posts.  Thought I would slowly start moving the page posts over.
This is a compilation of my first week of Outfit posts, notice the Diptic collages… 
August 22, 2013 Gloomy Day
How does one keep cheery on a gloomy day, wear cheery colours of course. Cleo’s has been very good to me this year loving the tops and blazers. 
For hair we are sporting one of the largest sock buns you can find, lol
Searching the closet again found some old shoes that I thought I should bring out and both seemed to compliment the outfit ( See Shoe Blog for more)

Loving my new top from Ricki’s.  What do you get when you mix a few trends together, floral with lace with a black and white geometric pattern.  I think a pretty winning combination.
Shop: rickis.com
Tuesday, another sunny day and my new necklace arrived yesterday.  Thank you EBAY.  It’s a J Crew style, yellow beaded masterpiece.  Outfit today is thanks to Ricki’s, shoes by nine west and my fabulous new necklace.  Fishtail braid to top it off and I am set for another day at the office.
While sorting through my closet this weekend I came across this skirt from Old Navy,  Blue and White with just a splash of yellow.  This skirt must be 10 years old,  I paired it with the white sweater set from Vanheusen and necklace from Rickis. All in all a bright summery outfit for the end of August.