Loving Life after 50

Because who is Perfect.

I have done a post in the past about aging, I post fashion selfies which for some is considered quite narcissistic, and I do worry, maybe sometimes to much about how I look and how others see me, but in spite of all my shortcomings I do still have the ability to see the beauty in those around me ( most days).
 I spent my younger years struggling with eating disorders and even today at the ripe old age of 49 and  11/12’s I still find myself regressing if I have had a bad day. 
I have been as low as 95 lbs ( and I am 5’4″) and I have been as high as 145 ( god I cannot believe I am putting that out there). I am a woman, still a girl inside who looked in the mirror and always saw the imperfections and focused on those areas. 
Today I still struggle with reaching the point that I want to be at but with the people that I have in my life who love me for who I am not what I think I should be it gets easier each day.
I saw a post on facebook today that I clicked on and I have to be honest I still have a tear in my eye at the beauty of this video and the poignancy of the message.

Realistically we all look at the perfect store mannequins and recognize that we do not look like that nor do many people we know, yet we still want that dress or those pants or that sweater and struggle with why we do not look like the mannequin.  Why do Stores continue to use mannequins that look nothing like the customers they are trying to attract, except for H & M, remember that story on the size 12 mannequin and the hullabullo that generated.

A recent article in the Huffington Post stated:  “It’s no secret that the smooth, plastic bodies staring out of store windows aren’t true physical replicas of the people who stare back at them. But there’s no reason they can’t be
Pro Infirmis, an organization for the disabled, created a series of mannequins based on real people with physical disabilities, working with individuals like Jasmine Rechsteiner, a Miss Handicap winner who has spine malformations, and Erwin Aljukić, an actor with brittle bone disease. The project’s title? “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer.”
The message in this video was simple and direct and to watch the reactions of people as they passed by was noteworthy,  even better was to see the reaction of one of the models, I believe it was Jasmine,  to see her face as she saw a reflection of herself in a store display. PRICELESS.
Why is this not yet the norm, whether it be a mannequin representative of a greater portion of the population or a model in an ad that looks more like me, or you or them.. Honestly I believe one of my fascinations with the blogging world right now is because everyone is not perfect nor plastic. I am following real people who are modeling real items. Do not misunderstand me there is one heck of a lot of gorgeous women and girls blogging right now but they are not mannequin perfect. They post of their struggles with feeling old, or feeling bloated, feeling fat sometimes or feeling like they look like they are 12, they post about their regular daily lives that are not much different then mine.
I would much rather see that coat on a person I can relate to then a plastic mannequin in your window, I adore seeing that watch on someone I can relate to instead of that celebrity you gave it to.
Many companies are sponsoring bloggers to try and get their message and their product out there and some have even started to use women who are more representative of society (gasp)  and those companies to me are the ones that are starting to understand, we are not plastic perfection we are real flesh and blood imperfections that still want to feel pretty or handsome or even just good about ourselves.
( one quick footnote though the definition of a plus size model needs to change, being a size 12 is not plus size it according to most of the stats I have seen is average size.  And on the flip side double zero is also not normal it is considered petite and tiny)
The video created by Pro Infirmis is the message that needs to be heard round the world, there is beauty in all of us we just forget that sometimes. So do not let the magazine models scare you off from trying that dress, and do not let the fact that maybe on you those pants do not look the same as they did on the store mannequin. You are real, and you are loved and you are beautiful as long as you believe you are.