Loving Life after 50

Dec 9th, Five little Grins

It is that time again, the time we take to ponder how our week has been and to try and remember only the tings that make us smile. I look at 5 little grins as a way of making one focus on the positives however small they may be and to use that positive energy to move forward.  There are weeks when all we recall are the things that made us smile and there are other weeks where one really needs to stop and reflect upon the week that has passed and try to pull some positives.

I have been very lucky and to quote many ” First world Problems” only meaning my life is very good and thus I should always remember how fortunate I am.

1) More followers on GFC, Google + and Bloglovin, still not sure which one is the best but I love seeing the thumbnail faces on my side panel.

2) Rejoined Costco yesterday, so I went Costco shopping for the first time in seven years and yep there went over $200.00 on really nothing I really needed.
Welcome to Costco

3) Ryan is writing and recording a Christmas song and he is almost finished, so very happy and excited about that and you can be dang sure I will be posting that baby on my blog.

4) made a batch of pumpkin snickerdoodles and brought them to the office and everyone loved them, my grin though was related to the fact that when I was copying the recipe out I realized I forgot the brown sugar, wonder how they will taste when I make them properly.

5) We finally broke down and bought snow tires and as much as the price makes me sad the fact that it is once again snowing like crazy makes me very happy I have them on the car.
So hope everyone found at least five things that could make them smile a little this week and I am sending happy thoughts to all that as the holiday draws near that we all still find small things to grin about.

  • Those cookies look really good!

  • Pumpkin snicker doodles are the best!

  • omgosh those cookies!!! And yay for Costco! I love that place but try to stay away too! 🙂

  • Pumpkin snickerdoodles! What an amazing combination. Snickerdoodles were one of the first types of cookies we baked, so yummy!

  • they actually are very good and very simple, I will be posting the recipe very soon