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Giveaways, linky’s and sponsorships

Not the greatest picture but I just  have to share my excitement, I just received my first giveaway prize, a chevron scarf and hair ties from Simply Darrling via the Fall Fancy Follower Fest hosted at Baxtron Life. I have to admit I have been very lucky over the past few weeks, probably received more giveaways in three weeks of blogging than in the last 10 years not blogging. Chalk one more positive on the pros and cons of the blog world.  Wish a little bit of that positivity would hold tonight during the lottery draw.

Links are great, its just a matter of hunting around and find the ones that interest you. I am the person that joins your link, hops all over the place and follows everyone that catches my eye. I know the minute I view your blog if I am going to want to follow you. ( Pictures, I love pictures and great writing) So now I am trying to link to at least two to three links a day and not all the same topic.  I find tring some random topics keeps me posting and I see nothing wrong with several posts a day as long as they hold someones interest.

Now for sponsorships, I have hemmed and hawed over this, when is the best time, is it to early, is it better to jump in quickly or try to build my blog a little more before taking the plunge?? Is there really any right answer?
I have been following a few (actually lots) of blogs since I started and I have observed many different things, it is obvious who blogs because they love doing what they are doing, who blogs for themselves and who blogs for business. ( not that blogging for business is wrong in any way, it just brings a different perspective). I have found myself going back through blog archives to see how they ( the blogs I love) have changed their style as they gained followers, tried to gauge how quickly they have grown, tried to see if they even changed or if they were always that brilliant. Are great posts something that just come naturally, I mean if you are not brilliant at the beginning will you ever be…….

Through creeping these blogs ( how else can you describe reading back through archives of posts) I have discovered that links, giveaways and sponsorships are very productive tools for gaining an audience and it may just be me but if you claim you don’t care who is reading your posts I don’t believe you….. not a negative just a statement. Isn’t the whole point of blogging getting your views, opinions and/or pictures out there. I admit it,sue me but I am not taking selfies because I want a journal of all I have worn over the years for my grandchildren ( way down the road). I take them because I am proud of what I am wearing and how I have put an outfit together or a great deal I have found and want to share. I post opinions because I want you to know what I am thinking and what I am about. Then there is the support, I sometimes need a little cheering on don’t you, that added boost you get when someone makes a great comment or gives a compliment, don’t we all crave a little bit of that or sometimes a lot of that?

There are times when I feel a lot of doubt, I am not a model, I am not 20 something ( not even close), I am not a journalist nor am I a photographer, I am just me and who else cares about that.  I realize lots of people care because most of us are exactly what I am, not a lot of things but still very special and unique in our “averageness” ( what an awkward made up word but apt for where I am going). So all of this has lead to the question how important is it to grow my blog and is now the right time.

I decided yes the time is right, I have time to spend on my blog and I am having fun so let’s ride this rollercoaster and see where it takes us.

So I did it took the plunge, evaluated the blogs I followed, checked out their sponsorship package, added one to the cart and now I am officially a sponsor.

There are four blogs that I have followed religiously since I discovered them ( and oh my god I am getting dizzy watching this roller coaster gif)…

Two Thirds Hazel
Living in Yellow
Because of Jackie and
 Because Shauna said so

( I have others I truly enjoy and they are listed in my sidebar but if one can have favs without insulting anyway else these are mine)

Erin’s spots were all taken at the moment but I really hope that she will accept me as a sponsor in the very near future. I really admire the writing style of this girl, what a great blog she has. Other Erin had a great promo and I debated do I really want to…. jumped head first and there ya go my first sponsorship. So now I am on Living in Yellow and I cannot wait to see where this ride takes me. ( I do not believe the other two actually have sponsorships but I think two is my limit for now)

So if you are new to this, stay tuned and I will update you on my progress and if you are not new you may still be interested in the observations of a rookie blogger.

Stay tuned as I grow my blog and because I really like you following me in a very non creepy way.

  • I found your blog through #mommyiscoocoo link party. I am so glad I did. I am also very new to blogging. I will be creeping,oops, no reading your blog to observe how a sponsorship works. Keep us posted.
    Kathy xo

  • Thanks, I am excited and yet nervous about this.

  • Very cool! I've wondered about doing sponsorship before, can't wait for an update 🙂