Loving Life after 50

Liberty Bowl

The teams have been announced, not that it actually matters because we were going anyway,but at least now we know who is playing. Thoughts of the game and all that will be happening  for my Fan Friday list

1) Going to the Liberty Bowl and I have never been to an American College Football game nor a bowl game so that is two awesome things,  no-one does football better that the Americans.
2) Liberty Bowl is in Memphis and I have never been there so bonus new great city to explore.
3) Liberty Bowl is on New Years Eve so awesome celebration time
4) Tickets to the Basketball game in Memphis on December 30th, going to see Grizzlies and the Bulls
5) Tickets to the Brunch before the football game and then Beale Street for NYE, really looking forward to the Holidays.

And as a tribute to Venus Trapped in Mars, my all time favourite athlete commercial, Howie Long and Jockeys’s with his son.( I searched for an hour and could not even find an image of that commercial so this print ad will have to do)