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OOTD and It won’t stop snowing

Good lord and someone save us please, I do not remember this much snow in December.  I swear the weather gods do not know what 5-10 cm is supposed to look like. I do not think this stuff is going to stop, the Openhouse  tomorrow could be in jeopardy… nah last year there was a snowstorm and we still had 60 people. I love this time of year and entertaining but I sure could do with a lot less snow ( Are you there God, it’s me Margaret Linda,  I sure could use a break from this) We have already shoveled three times today, just cleared the deck to the hottub and I swear, its covered again.  ( and speaking of hottub looks like i may have blown the fuse when I vacuumed so the tub was off for two hours, dropped to 93 oopsie).

Had another day off today to get ready for tomorrow so we hit Costco and M&M Meats early, out by 9 home by 11:00,  massive house tidy up and we are ready to go.

Tried an outdoor shoot today with the iphone, I really need to start using my camera.
snow day outfit
  Lighting sucks but I included the pics to show I did try.
white pants in winter

snow outfits
and because there is to much snow I was limited where I could stand, its not like shoe dazzle makes great looking boots that are snow worthy, come on…. 
otk boots

 Like the wind effect in my hair but not the appearance of grabbing myself

white pants and otk boots

snow ootd

northern reflections sweater
 Old Christmas Fleece from Northern Reflections I have pictures of me wearing this when the nieces were all very young,  must be at least 10 years old.
shoe dazzle boots

ootd in the snow

snow selfie

car selfie
winter white pants

 Still have not gotten the hang of the outdoor pics, probably should use my camera and a tripod, next time so I reverted back to an indoor. Have to fess up I am really digging winter white this year, didn’t think I would be comfortable wearing white after Labour Day, but… no issues so far.

So with this I bid you adieu, only because yep it is time to friggin shovel again. so hope you enjoyed my photo shoot without laughing to hard.  I swear I am doing this so I will have lots to look back on next year and I WILL be able to see how I have grown and improved LOL.

  • Anonymous

    stop grabbing yourself, trying to be Miley. love your blogs

  • hey, keep smiling you fun and crazy gal. Thank you so much for linking up with Fashion item Friday again. {please replace button with new purple one, k?} {it's an image thing. lol} (hug) and merriest of holidays for you!!!

    • Ohh I love the purple one, thanks for pointing that idea