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OOTD and a Little Christmas Cheer

It is December 23rd in less than 48 hours all the Christmas chaos will be over, wow where has the time flown.  Spending the next two days at the office while it is quiet trying to clean up a few files before the New Year.  January is already shaping up to be a busy month as I am already booked on the road for two of the weeks.  Then holidays down south ( at least that is the plan today).

Temperature has gone up a bit,  not frigid, just cold.  Forecast is really cold and sunny for Christmas Eve and more flurries for Christmas Day ( Glad we are not driving anywhere.
So quick outfit recap for you, had our open house on Saturday and I was so busy I did not remember to snap one outfit selfie although based on the pictures from last year, I wore the same thing I know OMG ( in very large capital letters). so at least I can post a selfie from last year ( just add some auburn streaks in the hair and presto, 2013 selfie ( maybe I should have tried to PIC Monkey a few streaks,  is that even a word?? It seemed appropriate if you photoshop with photoshop….  I think it is actually just edit but picmonkey sounds so much more fun.

This was the outfit, just picture my black boots with the studded straps and Voila.

Sunday if you follow me on instagram you saw me in my Christmas PJ’s shovelling and then the purple bathrobe hot tubbing it,  what a fab day doing nothing ( after the major clean up)  Sunday wasn’t to bad for cleanup as busy as the open house was and yep another 60 folks, I like to go to bed with a clean kitchen so dishes were all done up, so it was more of a return furniture to its place and put things away and then shovel, shovel and more shovel as we had a dump of 30 more cms and then freezing rain.

snow suit

bathroom and hot tub

Jacket and PJ Bottoms, Old Navy,  Boots Sorel, Bathrobe J.Y.S.K.

For Monday’s OOTD, I needed to wear a little Christmas Red right,  so I took my new dress from Target which is a sleeveless number and added a cashmere sweater and a blazer.  Office ready in no time flat.  I normally do not wear dark tights with coloured shoes but I have been seeing Hello Gorgeous wearing this combo and figured what the heck, should try it.

Sweater Jones of NY, Dress Target, Blazer Rickis, Shoes Shoe Dazzle and tights Old Navy.
target striped dress

 red cashmere sweatermerona dress and cashmere sweater

shoe dazzle red pumps

 shoe dazzle red pumps

christmas watch

 red and blue beads

 Little Christmas watch from Avon and then I could not decide on a necklace so I went with both.

selfie in red eye glasses
No time to dry and straighten the hair so it is a au naturel lool.
  • Fun post, Linda! I agree, PicMonkeying something can totally be a verb. (And I was just doing that before I read your post, LOL.) I think the tights + shoe combo you chose looks great! I probably would have been scared to try it too but I'm glad you went for it- it totally works. So glad to have you participating in the holiday style linkup, and if I'm ever in your neck of the woods I'll be stopping by for a dip in your hot tub. 🙂
    On the Daily Express

    • I so doubted putting coloured shoes with dark tights but yes I think you are right, it worked. merry Christmas

  • Hi! Blog hopping over from the Holiday Link-Up party. I can't believe all that snow. I'm so jealous as I live down in the humid sunny south suburbs of Houston. Great outfit and great family photo!!


    • Thanks, don't be to jealous though it really is a pain, I love snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the rest of the time I would much rather have the humid sunny south. Guess we always want what we don't have. Merry Christmas

  • So fun! I love layering over a dress to give it purpose in the winter! I'm sitting in California as I type this and kind of wishing for snow! The holidays seem more like the holidays with snow! As long as you don't have to shovel it – you're a trooper doing that in your PJs! Thanks for sharing this with the holiday style linkup!