Loving Life after 50

OOTD and That kind of Day

Ever have one of those days,  not feeling 100%, all you want to do is stay home under the blankets and then you remember to many meetings to reschedule so you push through.  This week has not been a stellar week for feeling the best, fighting off an infection and the cranberry juice is not working fast enough to suit me.  Serves me right for not continuing to take them regularly but wholly crap this little infection is not allowing me to take very good pictures ( and if I could photoshop I am not sure it would do much good.) Yea that is correct I am blaming an infection for my total lack of being photogenic this week.  I have to give a shoot out to…. damn now I cannot recall, I believe it was Walking in Memphis in High Heels or Fizz and Frosting who answered a question about how they always look so picture perfect and they stated they take tons and tons or maybe like 35 and then end up using only 6 or 8.  So me taking 8-10 and using about half isn’t to bad. ( with the exception being they always look fabulous and sometimes I feel every bit of my age)

Hmmm editing and better pictures that is my New Years Resolution.  I have been playing around with picmonkey on the recommendation of another blogger and it is quite fun,  thinking of taking the plunge and subscribing. Feel free to send me any of your recommendations on editing software, keeping in mind,  not a professional photographer here people ( just in case you had not figured that one out yet).

Todays outfit consists of a few of my favourite pieces all meshed together mostly because 1) I love green and Navy and 2) figured if you wear lots of your favs it should make you feel better right…..

MK navy and green stripesmk colour block

green and navy cardiganmichael kors outfit

 Outfit Summary,  Blouse/Shirt:  Michael Kors, Sweater Banana Republic, Navy Pants Vanheusen.
Boots very old from GH Bass, Necklace a giveaway gift from Meghan( previous post on that)
Earrings Banana Rebublic.

Details still matter no matter how bad I feel, so see,  matching socks in a contrasting pattern just to show I am still a fun person inside.

argyle green socks
  • Super green! You are so fun, Linda! Be sure and come to Fashion item Friday this week. It will be here on Friday and I want as many as possible to be there.