Loving Life after 50

OOTD Christmas wind down

Dec 27th, nothing very spectacular about the day, day after Boxing Day, four days before New Years Eve or 263 days before Christmas Eve 2014.  It is kind of that glass half full, glass half empty kind of day.
  No work today as our office shuts down between Christmas Eve and Jan 2nd so today was a run around and get all the errands done before we leave on our mini vacation. Pick up the trip tix, get American money, wash the car,pick up Canadian Flag and pack the winter emergency bag.  Errands all done and now we just need to pack.
Its a two day drive to Memphis from here so let’s hope the weather stays decent, you will be seeing a lot of Cardigan/Legging outfits over the next few days, is anything more comfortable for travel.

 Does anyone ever get used to outdoor shots?? I know it looks pretty but good lord, even today was only -4 but I cannot seem to master that nonchalant relaxed look. Maybe O should stick to coats and scarfs, I do have lots of them at least till spring thaw.