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OOTD Green and Navy Take 2

I confess I am in a green and navy mood this week, so I have a repeat on the shoes and sweater because I felt an overwhelming urge to wear this dress.  Found this baby at Banana Republic Factory Outlet in Tannersville in October and I LOVE IT. Sweater Michael Kors ( Tannersville Premium Outlets in November)
Such a simple outfit to put together and I always feel great when I have it on. Gold and Blue nails seem to go well.
What attracts one to their outfit of the day…. I know myself it is sometimes a simple task and sometimes a monumental, overwhelming feat. On a good day I look at all I have and a thought comes to mind and BAM outfit selected. Then there are those days, you know the ones I mean, we stand outside the closet ( or inside depending on what style you have) look around and think I have nothing to wear. One has to ask oneself if you are standing a midst that vast amount of clothing how can we even make the statement I have NOTHING to wear,  why do we never state I hate my choices today and would rather have ___________. 
That is far to simple, I have nothing…. Kent just shakes his head.
I confess I do have an over abundance of items, I have taken over several of the closets in our house. I have a room designated for my shoes, boots and jewellery but I still have those moments.
Regardless of how much I have and how much I do not want to get rid of I still have my favourites, those go to outfits that make us feel great, so again, why do we not limit our closets to those. Why do we hold on to that skirt that does not quite fit anymore, the dress that is not quite in style,  the blouse that we thought we would like but mehhhh not so much.  It is because we are women and we have seen the styles come and go, we have seen the lbs come and go and we have been known to change our minds and rethink what we feel about things. ( and styles come back, how many times have you given that blouse away or tossed those old pants only to pick up a magazine and see it it the new fad)
The days were nothing makes us feel good and instead of focusing on the outfits we love or make us feel great all we see in our closets are the skirts that do not fit or the dress that was so last week year decade.
Well today was not one of those days for me, fell asleep last night thinking it was going to be 8 degrees today (46.4 F) so expected the office to be warm hence great time to pull this dress back out again. Plus its Navy and Green and I am in love with this combo.
So hope you are still with me so you can actually see my outfit of the day.


Caution, this is what happens when the glue gun attacks you, been so long since we had spent time together I don’t think he remembered me.


Finally got a new mirror in the bedroom so now I can take a few mirror selfies. Next maybe an overhead light so my Fall/winter pictures do not look so bad.

And this is silly me signing off for the day, have a wonderful hump day.

  • love the dress! perfectly on trend for winter and something fun to wear for the holidays.

  • Plaid speaks straight to my heart so I love this. I too open my closet every morning and go "Damn I need to get rid of so many clothes." And then two seconds later "Damn I really need to go shopping." Oh the cycle…

  • Thank you, and one day this cycle will be broken, or not…