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OOTD Its Christmas Eve ( Squeals of Delight)

Eeeeee, it’s Christmas Eve,  are you ready??As much as I have been uber ready regarding the decorations and baking and shipping, I was totally not finished for Kent.  So yea you guessed it that meant I had to go shopping last night, dropped him off and went straight to the mall figuring it was supper/dinner time so should be OK. HA, not so,  apparently because the weather was so icky all weekend no one went shopping,  Malls were empty on the weekend but not yesterday.

I am so not a crowded mall shopper.  Plus this year was so ridiculously difficult, we are heading to Memphis on the 28th to celebrate New years and go to the Liberty Bowl ( I know I have mentioned this like a zillion times already but I am excited about it) and on the way back from there we will be stopping in Waterloo to hit the Premium Outlets so me and my brilliant ideas said ” That should be our Christmas present to each other the trip and a shopping spree”  Sounds like a perfect plan right, well we did decide we would exchange presents but could only spend 100.00 on each other ( I know first world problems)  Dang it,  it si tough to shop with only 100.00 and that includes Santa Stocking stuff.  I mean seriously people The Walking Dead Vol 9 is 40.00.  gonna look pretty pathetic under the tree ( and now I am slapping myself because that sounds so materialistic and so not what the meaning of Christmas is all about so I will shut up now OK.
Tonight at the Church Service I will now be praying I do not get struck down for all my selfish materialistic thoughts.

First Christmas without the Boys so it is feeling a little strange to say the least,  but we do have a friends daughter coming to spend the holidays with us as she cannot get home to her parents in Thunder Bay this year, so yea we have borrowed a kid for the holidays. ( So I have been having fun picking up little surprises for her so she will feel like Santa has not forgotten her).

Today I decided I would go into the office to spend a few hours cleaning up,  there are two of us here,  good lord it is quiet but it has allowed me to clean up a few files before the Holidays.

Temperature has dropped to -23 again, damn cold so I wanted to dress for the season but for the temperatures, few link ups today are all about Christmas Parties and I am sure I have posted more appropriate Christmas Party Outfits here, here or here but it is what it is.  Christmas Plaid and a little fur, with some pearls thrown in for good measure.

Merry Christmas Everyone,  wishing you a safe and Happy Holiday.
  • Oh my goodness can I borrow this outfit?! Love the plaid dress with the fur and pearls. Where is that dress from? Been looking for the perfect plaid dress!

    • Thanks, it was from J Crew about 2 Christmases ago, found it at the Outlet Store in Orlando ( for 13.00 can you believe it) I wish I had bought a smaller size but its plaid and I love it so I make it work ( and the extra room is great for this time of year)

  • You look so festive! I love it! 🙂 Stay warm!!

  • mum

    I think materialistic also, when I look at our tree. but we have power, water, food and heat, and lots of family love so what more could I ask for. Well for one, the whole family to be together during the season, but this is not going to happen, so I am dreaming.