Loving Life after 50

OOTD SWEATER WEATHER and many layers

Today it is -33 degrees C in Ottawa that is -27.4 degrees F, for the record it is normally -3C or 26.6 F. Now I know for some of you even -3 is a little extreme but at least here by December we have become somewhat acclimatized and it does not feel that bad but….. -33 no-one gets acclimatized,  I am not even sure the polar bears are used to those temperatures.

Yea and they tell me climate change is not happening I call BS on that one Folks. On a serious note unless you want to wear on of those Orange Survival suits that the fishermen wear on the water to protect themselves in case they fall in,  you know the ones I mean,  nothing works in these temperatures.
Person floating in survival suit holding red handflare

well as much as I may want to stay warm I still want to look decent, so yea I am prepared to sacrifice common sense for fashion ( at least a bit)  You will not however catch me taking outside selfies.  I am not the crazy.  Days like today I dress for warmth in the office figuring there is no way the antiquated systems in office buildings will keep up ( and I am correct as I sit here in a Merona Wool long sleeve turtleneck dress covered with a boyfriend cardigan,  and this menopausal woman who has hot flashes is still not warm).

So without further ado welcome to my completely untouched, indoor I Phone Photo shoot.


  • wow! you are quite the lovely lady! very nice outfit!