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Ottawa Weather

The temperature is frightful here in Ottawa, 6 degrees below normal,  we have had snow on the ground all through November so I am worried about what the heck is the rest of winter going to look like.

Browsing through pictures last night I stumbled across some oldies and felt the need to share.

Picture this,  December 16, 2007 we have moved into our new house,  it is a Sunday afternoon and we are  anxiously awaiting Monday the 17th as that is when the movers are moving everything from the town house.  Phone rings, its the moving company and they are calling to cancel the Monday move, they already know based on the amount of snow that they will not be able to move us, the bill for the move on the 18th was double because trying to work in after storm conditions was insane.
That was our first indication of how bad the winter of 2006/2007 was going to be.

Winter 2007 yep that is right folks that is me, in my driveway.( For the record I am 5’4′, would have been worse but we had a thaw in January, thank the lord)

Here is another fun illustration of the oddities of Canadian weather:

Easter 2007 ( April)                                                              

Now Easter 2010 ( March of that year)

2007                                                                                                 2010

Crazy isn’t it, so now we do not all live in igloos ( at least not every year).  March and April can be full of snow or tropical, in 2010 we hit 35 Celsius that is 95 Fahrenheit.

So as I sit here today in -21 degrees (-5.8 F) ( well I am actually not sitting in it, I am inside) and I dream of a tropical vacation in January, I hope all of you are having a much warmer day.

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  • It's looks pretty similar here in Michigan, so much snow already! Yikes!

  • yikes is right, I am not a snow person.

  • oh my goodness, I could not handle that snow!! My CA blood cannot do cold at all!
    ps, thanks for linking up with Treat Yo Self!

    • Loved hooking up with Treat Yo Self and to make you feel even better about CA, it is -33 (-26.4F) today.