Loving Life after 50

Post Vacation and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Sunday

Changed from swimsuit to fall/dinner attire. Casual Dinner but felt the need to reflect a little bit of fall.
Red and Black with a little leopard thrown in.  Spent a few minutes on my hair and brought out the Farrah Fawcett curls.

Casual Friday ( and its a long weekend, yea Thanksgiving)

 What an inexpensive outfit today,
 T Shirt Dress Old Navy  10.00  this year
Leggings Giant Tiger         10.00  last year
Belt  Old Navy                    3.00  last year
Scarf  Boutique shop          10.00  this year
Boots  Urban Planet           20.00  2 years ago
Earrings   Zellers                   2.00  last year
Jacket  Danier Leather         99.00 4 years ago

I mean how can you beat this.
Got some old Glasses from 2007 out, kind of loving the ” non statement” look today.
Also three compliments this morning on my great new top,  LOL  its my scarf, did not like it wrapped around my neck so in the ‘WC” this morning I left it unwrapped and hanging and light bulb, wow this would look great belted and TADA…

And how are you this morning…..
Never usually give a back view, cuz the 49 year old butt is not the same as my old 20 year old one LOL

Loving the Scarf as a vest look today, who would have thought I would be so hooked at scarves this year ( Thanks Chelsea Nagy)

My Runway walk,  one of these days I might get as comfortable as the other bloggers with my pics,  I think I should practice over the weekend.

See even looks good while I am working.

Debated changing back to statement glasses but Nah not todayAdd caption

Thursday, Matched the Shoe Today

First, everything old is new again,  my old Military Style Jacket from Old Navy was perfect for this crisp fall day ( Went casual pants for work so this seemed to fit.( Also brought out the Old glassed as they were pink,  thanks Candies)

For the actual outfit, Tommy Hilfiger Argyle Sweater and Burgandy Vanheusen pants, topped off with necklace set from Bass and my nine west shoes. ( Tank from Ricki’s)

Wednesday, A Banana Day for me

Dress by Banana Republic, Sweater Michael Kors, Shoes by George. Necklace was from Bass. Glasses by Coach  ( am I stuck on names this year or what)

another watch from New York

Tuesday, remembered the phone 

I always start the day with hair down lol

boyfriend sweater Old Navy, Tank Vanheusen

pants Vanheusen, shoes by shoe dazzle

new watch, love it

necklace Vanheusen

Back to Work

Found the greatest Michael Kors outfit while I was away and then got to busy during the day to try and get any great pics ( Iphone was dead,  tried a few selfies on the camera but they did not turn out really well. Here is me in my after vacation glory.)