Loving Life after 50

Scream like a girl

Can I tell you again how much I love giveaways……. I have been extremely lucky the last few weeks and coming home from work you would think it was Christmas (oops) with the parcels.  I received the necklace that I won from the Beautiful Things Giveaway at Mason.. like the Jar.  The gift was provided by Beautiful Things.  Meagan was such a sweetie she felt bad that she did not get the necklace off right away so she sent two and they are both gorgeous.

Well needless to say I tore upstairs to the bathroom ( only decent overhead light for these gloomy winter late afternoons) and tried them on.  I love them both, now I am trying to plan an outfit around the turquoise beauty. Hence my OOTD is determined for tomorrow,  wish I had received this on Monday because I would have showcased on the Tuesday Link up – Statement Jewellery.

Now I am anxiously awaiting the Candles, Ring and Movie,  see when I win you are guaranteed a dedicated post and that gets your name out to my legions of followers. ( OK maybe not legions but at least you get my undivided loyalty).

Thanks Meagan for these beauties. ( hop on over to Beautiful Things)